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brucepick 07-22-2007 05:19 AM

Online pics services suggestions?
I want to use a site like photobucket or flickr to store my images on line. Any suggestions for a service you like or recommend? True that I could open several accounts and try them all but I thought I'd ask for opinions/suggestions.

I want to be able to upload images from my home desktop and manage them from anywhere. Should have a directory tree organizational system similar to Windows folders, and should be flexible and convenient in changing file and folder names etc.

CO ZX2 07-22-2007 05:26 AM


I'm no expert but its FREE and works for me.

GeekGuyAndy 07-22-2007 05:38 AM

I use smugmug, but that is a pay service. I can upload as much as I want at any file size, and I really like their organization of the photos. I have over a thousand full size photos there right now. When I was searching for a good photo site, this was the only thing I could find that could handle full size photos, automatically resize for viewing, and not limit traffic (the limits are basically infinite). I pay $30 a year.

You can see my pictures and how the site works from my page at https://abg.smugmug.com

Since then, I bought a domain (geekguyandy.com) and only pay $20 a year for 1GB of space. I could host photos there, but then I would have to find some files for the organization of it all. I currently post my new galleries on geekguyandy.com but the links go back to smugmug.

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