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DTMAce 05-31-2011 12:50 AM

Fuel-up feature that could be handy?
Just thought of something else as a suggestion for a change..

We could really use a small change on the "Add a fuel-up" page.

I live on the border between Canada and the US. There are times (rare they may be) when I purchase gas on the Canadian side. Of course they are sold in Liters, whereas in MI they are US Gallons.

Here is my suggestion. On the "Add a fuel-up" page, it would be really cool to have the ability to put in what UNITS of fuel you are buying, rather than having to hit my calculator, convert everything to gallons and price per gallon, to get a correct entry. The site could internally make the math happen and whatever method of reporting would have the correct adjusted values.

So basically, number of units, price per unit, then it just has to do the conversions to the units for the reporting method.

Is this feasible, and if so, can you make it default to what someone uses so they don't mistakenly choose the wrong one. Like if they last used gallons, then it would stay there, till they changed it again.

pb 05-31-2011 02:45 AM

I hear what you're saying, and I understand the utility to those folks on the border but unfortunately this isn't a small change for a number of reasons. We store unit settings per vehicle, not per fuel-up. Wiring things up to store per fuel-up is like putting in a new transmission. If we absolutely had to we could, but it would be at the time and expense of other things we want to do with the site. Another problem we'd run into is complicating the interface. Sure a handful of people would use this control, but a vast majority of people never need to change units for each fuel-up. And even those that do probably don't need it very often. But everyone that uses the site would need to see that option every time they fuel up. We already have a challenge to explain the difference between display and reporting units to people. We'd be adding a third option that would make unit conversion even harder to explain.

I understand your frustration, but you have a fairly unique situation and we can't justify changing the site for everyone.

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