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lhwj 08-19-2011 07:14 PM

Show Running Average in Forum Signature
Suggestion: Allow the running average to be shown in the Forum Signature, instead of the average since signup with Fuelly

I noticed there isn't an option to show the Running Average in the banner for the Forum Signature. I wonder if this could be done in future? I feel that the running average is a more accurate representation of my consumption, because when my car was new it wasn't as efficient and I was still getting used to it so I didn't drive as economical as I do now. Thanks for reading.

pb 08-20-2011 12:24 AM

The problem with including Running Average is there's no public indication of that number anywhere on your vehicle profile. So when people in a forum see 35 MPG on a badge, they expect to see that number somewhere on your vehicle profile.

It's natural that you'd want whatever number is better to be the public number for the vehicle so I understand why you'd want the choice. Others would be upset to have Running Average public because the number is worse. (That's a frequent complaint we get about Running Average.) We feel like overall average is a better representation of the vehicle--and it's a good incentive to keep improving.

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