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friz 05-26-2008 02:50 PM

Formal introduction
I have been posting on this site and lurking for a few days now. It's not that I was being sneaky, I was just deciding which mileage forum I wanted to adopt as my primary goto that i would keep my logs on ETC. Well let me introduce myself. I work 60 miles from my home so I commute 120 miles daily. I can't say that I am an environmentalist, but I seem to be leaning that way more every year. When I stared my current job more than 10 years ago, fuel was at 1.30 a gallon. In the last ten years I have quit smoking because the sin taxes got too outrageous and my transportation has gotten smaller. I have to say that with the addition of the CRX to the fleet, My fuel costs are staying pretty level. I am finding that I no longer have a need to haul 4000 lbs of steel with me everywhere I go. Hopefully a few more people will figure this out with the high gas prices and we will all be better off. I think you all have turned me into a life long hypermiler. After using these techniques the last couple of weeks anything else just seems wasteful.

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