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eudy 01-10-2012 09:39 AM

Separate Mileages for Different Fuel Types
Is there a feature in Fuelly to deal with separate fuel types for the same vehicle?

I live in Brazil and currently own a small pickup truck (the model is named Courier here but I know that in South Africa it's called Bantam).

Anyway, it's a Flex engine: it runs on gasoline or alcohol or any mixture of these two fuels.
I only use one type of fuel at a time.
I never mix the two.

Since alcohol consumption is higher than that of gasoline, in order to get separate statistics for the two fuel types in Fuelly, what I've doing is:
- if I consumed a tank of alcohol, I flag the fuel up as 100% city (lower mileage)
- if I consumed a tank of gasoline, I flag the fuel up as 0% city (higher mileage).

This way if I order the fuel up history by using the city% column, I can get separate alcohol (100% city) and gasoline (0% city) fuel consumptions.

Does anybody know a better way to do this?


pb 01-10-2012 11:36 AM

You could use tags or notes for this. If you use a specific tag for each type you can view them separately in your fuel log. For example, here are fuel-ups of mine tagged chevron.

If want to view the fuel-ups separately in your log book, you can use a note and then use the search feature to bring up matching words. So a single note with 'alcohol' or 'gasoline' would bring up those fuel-ups when you type those words in the search box above the Fuel Log. It wouldn't be much different from what you're doing now, maybe just a little more descriptive.

Fuelly doesn't do any sort of separate analysis based on tags or notes. For that you might need to go to the export feature and write your own reports in Excel. That way you could graph the two types of fuel separately on your own. But notes or tags might still be helpful in Excel so it's easy to separate the two.

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