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goofy1 06-16-2008 01:33 PM

Big speaker have got to go go go!!!
I paid this car last year and the previous owner put in some big speakers and a amp. he wired it himself and i'm not too crazy about it because:
1.thats about 40-50lbs of weight sitting in the truck
2.the OEM speakers worked great
3.the speakers are just sliding around in truck with nothing to hold them down.
and last but not least 4: the car was hit from behind and the truck don't close flesh with the body. so there are openings from water to get in the truck causing rust, water damage and lets not forget that water and electricity don't mix(would to cause a short to the system and/or fire)

I have no skills in fixing cars or hooking up steros. my skills are limited to computer related fixing and connecting. and everytime i try to replace a battery i get shocked(even in front of a mech. showing me what to do i still got shocked. touching nothing on the car,body etc...just the one battery end at a time. and when he did it, nothing, no shock).

so can anyone help me out on how to get rid of this unwanted junk?

trautotuning 06-24-2008 09:28 AM

Simply cut all the wires at the end of the speakers and take them out; also put some electrical tape in the tip of the wires. DONE.


Has anyone every thought of putting small headrest speakers and taking the door speakers out?

They would be lighter in weight, and would need a lot less power thus running the alternator less and saving gas... ?

I would also think they would sound good, it would be like having small headphones and "surround" sound right by your ears...?

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