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wmdeal 07-23-2008 06:59 AM

Honda Civic Question
I have now come to the conclusion (along with my wife's influence) that getting a 4 door sedan may be the best course of action for me to get a better fuel efficient vehicle (I currently drive a Chevy Silverado at 17 mpg plus we have a 4 month old in a carseat).

I am actively looking at Honda Civic sedans in the 1996 to 2000 range with a 5 speed transmission. My question to anyone in the know is does the trim level have much of an influence in regards to gas mileage?

More specifically, does the LX trim version have any better advantages (i.e. transmission, etc.) over the DX or EX trim versions? Or does it really depend on getting the non-VTEC D16Y7 engine in whatever trim package?

Also, would I be able to bolt in a VTEC-E (D16Y5 found in the HX coupe) from that same time period as long as I ensure the sedan has the S40 transmission?

Thanks in advance...

thisisntjared 07-23-2008 07:11 AM

on the 4dr the ex is the only trim with a different engine and yes it will get mildly worse mpg.

the d16y5 can relatively easily swap into the sedan and its easier to swap in the transmission with the d16y5, you will just have some issues with wiring and probably a few other things as long as you are swapping the manual trans into a manual body. ease really depends on your experience with the proceedure.

palemelanesian 07-23-2008 07:12 AM

In order of mileage, best -> worst:

HX has the best mileage, and better power than LX/DX even. It also runs in lean-burn at times. The main improvements are in the engine, so a swap would get you most of the benefit. I would just look for an HX to start with.

LX and DX share the same D16Y7 engine/transmission. Interior features are the only difference.

EX has a higher-power VTEC engine (D16Y8), and shorter gear ratios. Worse mileage.

All the transmissions are interchangeable, even with the 92-95 models.

wmdeal 07-23-2008 08:34 AM

I continue to look for the HX, however, they are really hard to find... and I believe they only came in the coupe. With the 4 month old, I was leaning towards the sedan for ease of the carseat going in and out of the back seat...

It really depends on what opportunity presents itself first.... so we'll see...

PaleMelanesian, thats some great mileage on the DX sedan, can you share with me how you achieved those ratings? I'm sure with hypermiling, but what specifically works best in the sedan?

Many thanks...

palemelanesian 07-23-2008 09:08 AM

I hypermile it to the extreme to get these numbers. NOTHING DANGEROUS, though, like drafting or rolling through stops. Pulse and Glide is one of the biggest benefits in this car. Keeping the speed low is important, because the gear ratios run the engine at such a high rpm.

The articles at CleanMPG are a good resource, as is the 101 tips at ecomodder. The 201 tips list here is good, but rather long. Some points I disagree with. Specifically, I disagree with:
33,156 (same thing stated twice)

guest001 07-23-2008 07:42 PM

rolling through stops!!!!

a hatch has just as much passenger space as a sedan, plus you have the hatch. well honestly I can't say that about 96-00, but in my 89 it is. plus I can't fit so much stuff in my hatch, motors, bikes, tools, way more stuff then you think.

which has the least curb weight? that's more mileage right there.

palemelanesian 07-24-2008 06:36 AM

Hatch is lightest, then coupe, then sedan is heaviest.

And I specifically said I DON'T roll through stops. :rolleyes:

thisisntjared 07-24-2008 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian (Post 112396)
Hatch is lightest, then coupe, then sedan is heaviest.

And I specifically said I DON'T roll through stops. :rolleyes:

the coupe vs sedan weight is very debatable depending on generation but i am not going to get into it.

maybe you should roll through stops :p using 1st gear is horrible for mpg.:D

GasSavers_topher 07-24-2008 09:32 AM

Regular vtec won't affect fuel mileage really at all it's more in the factory gearing and driving habits and people should remember that.
ex/older si= 4.25
hx=3.77 I think......I'ts tall though and only have a 12 valve motor allows the engine to produce more torque at the lower rpm cruising speeds.

If you cant find an hx and you don't want to do any wiring just buy and ex and swap heads and then do the tranny later. The wiring isn't bad though it's only a matter of running 3 wires and switching two. Just the same as any other mini-me.

My lx was easily getting 38-40 with just a header, intake, and lightened flywheel.

Any questions please ask and good luck on the search.

palemelanesian 07-24-2008 11:57 AM

According to Edmunds,
1996 DX hatch: 2222 lb
1996 DX coupe: 2262 lb
1996 DX sedan: 2319 lb

But... the HX coupe is listed at the same 2262, and the EX sedan is listed at 2319. I know the EX is heavier than the DX. So take these with a grain of salt. :)

Oh, and the DX hatch has the same taller gears as the HX. https://www.clubcivic.com/board/showthread.php?t=71070

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