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GasSavers_Lurch 09-06-2008 10:22 AM

Am i welcome here??
Hey everyone, i'm one of those hydrogen experimenting nuts... I dont see much talk about that kinda stuff on here. I am EXTREMELY impressed with the ability you guys have for number crunching and conducting thorough experiments... i just run my cells until they melt and then check my meters memory :D
any questions or ideas from you guys would be great. i am also a mechanic and can answer some of the more mundane mechanical questions ;)

GasSavers_BEEF 09-06-2008 10:34 AM

as long as you aren't selling anything, welcome

there is a special forum on here for the HHO guys. that doesn't mean that we agree with what people are doing with it but people may not agree with what I do either.

welcome, have fun, and check out some of the other mods that we are doing. not to take you away from the electrolysis thing but there are other ways to imprive your mileage. don't forget about them too.

GasSavers_Lurch 09-06-2008 10:41 AM

I'm an open minded tinkerer.... I think what skewbe is doing is completely unreal. and i tend not to agree with the normal hydrogen guys.

GasSavers_Lurch 09-06-2008 10:41 AM

and when i said unreal i meant in an amazing kinda way :P

Zukibot 09-06-2008 06:33 PM

I'm almost to the point in my thinking, that any "HHO talk" should result in an immediate banning.

GasSavers_BEEF 09-06-2008 09:27 PM

why should we bann people for having their own opinions about things?

I personally don't think that HHO will yield a gain but I don't think they should be banned.

I have a WAI (warm air intake) on my car and many think that it is a waste of time. they probably don't care if I am not banned.

this is a forum to share ideas and people have discussed all sorts of weird ideas on here. HHO just seems to be the newest thing. I say if you have time and money and want to experiment (no matter what it is) then go for it.

just start a gas log and keep it honest. mine shows several trip ups that I have had but I put it in there anyway because it is what it is.

bobc455 09-07-2008 07:28 AM

Of course we welcome honest discussion about HHO, and any other gas-saving measures (effective or not).

Nobody will be banned as long as they don't violate rules of the site like spamming / harassment, or cause many complaints.

Can I ask about the nickname "lurch"? Is that a driving style?


theholycow 09-07-2008 07:51 AM

Could be this:

Cruzedriver 09-08-2008 05:05 AM

you say you have been experimenting with HHO Lurch so what kind of results have you gotten. I am very interested in how all of this works???

Cruzedriver 09-08-2008 05:07 AM

For the name question maybe its cause he looks like him.... lol like what holycow is referencing i think. Lol

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