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  1. AC in VX
  2. VX start up squeek?
  3. Changing tranny fluid 95 civic DX HB
  4. It seems everybody is going WOT
  5. How hard would it be to swap a VX engine & tranny into a 4 door civic?
  6. Honda Online Parts Catalog and online OEM parts
  7. Horn kinda sucks
  8. VX Spark Plugs
  9. Thermoelectric Airconditioning
  10. New VX O2 sensor installed
  11. VX rear wheel hubs -anyone replaced theirs?
  12. civic model years for VX swap
  13. EPA Revised all MPG estimates on www.fueleconomy.gov
  14. New Intake thermometer
  15. 97 chevy cavalier 2.2 4cyl
  16. 1969 lincoln continetal 4door(suicide) engine/transmission
  17. Converting numeric to current tire sizes.
  18. The metro is having a few problems.
  19. Different size tires
  20. Ball joints this weekend :)
  21. VX Tranny oil Q
  22. 1995 Honda Civic h/b tire size puzzle
  23. Compression Test Q
  24. Brake rotor and pads recommendation for '98 Civic HX
  25. VX Fuel System Cleaner Q
  26. '98 Civic HX 5 spd. 49 state O2 sensor
  27. Civic VX miss under load
  28. Transmission Question
  29. '95 Civic DX hatchback oil leak
  30. 88 CRX DX Auto Transmission fill plug?
  31. Coolant boils at shutdown, worry or not?
  32. Home Made Toe Gage How-to
  33. Unpluged the MAP sensor...
  34. Returning to stock VX suspension
  35. Gallons per hour
  36. Honda D13B info
  37. Is there a website where I can look up...
  38. Chev.Truck belt routed incorrectly
  39. 99 Metro slow start prob
  40. 92 Civic DX - using oil 143K miles 5spd
  41. Resistance to turning from wheel
  42. Motorized Bicycle Project/Antique Honda Restoration.
  43. Flywheels (what is the biggest automotive / truck / lorry one you know of?)
  44. Trans gears.
  45. Drag modeling tools?
  46. '92 Honda Civic VX h/b
  47. 88 CRX 97 Integra LS Cluster, what VSS do I need?
  48. Cooling and engine knock....
  49. Benefits to CAI - Cold Air Intake?
  50. MAF sensor in relation to IAT mod ...
  51. Excellent lubrication information
  52. Remote Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor
  53. 88 CRX HF tranny swap questions....
  54. Best Civic Clutch and Flywheel????
  55. '92 - '95 Civic CX tranny swap and VSS clarification
  56. Daewoo Leganza
  57. Engine ~shake~!
  58. Honda Fuel Injector and throttle body Size/Swap
  59. VX bucking bronco
  60. car bucks 1st few miles.....
  61. Loud Valves, or just Old
  62. All you SuperMID users.....
  63. Civic HX 195 Degree Thermostat?-SVOboy?
  64. Ferrari F430 Aerodynamic pictures
  65. coolant heater
  66. Front End "Splitter"?
  67. vw recalls 800,000 cars
  68. Honda: how do I tell which car this is?
  69. Battery voltages - is mine dead?
  70. Alternator off question
  71. Kill Switches for security.
  72. My 88 crx-z1 project
  73. Foamboard
  74. Civic transmission identification and tire size
  75. My next experiment (possibly insanity)
  76. VW Rabbit Diesel Engine flow work
  77. PZEV in an older car?
  78. '95 Civic DX hatchback transmission swap?
  79. Custom gears...
  80. Help me GasSavers!
  81. '93 Civic Si hatch D16Z6 engine w/ VX transmission?
  82. Anybody have a spare TPS and a DMM handy?
  83. tire size big or small
  84. $3 ef headlight warning buzzer
  85. Poll: How much did you pay for your most fuel efficient car?
  86. Hydrogen Booster Installed ...
  87. LRR Tires (I know been asked 1000 times)
  88. How to get my non-CA VX to pass CA emissions test?
  89. CX - D15B8 Question
  90. Outdoor sensor location on my Yaris Hatchback?
  91. Teggy takes a Direct Impact -- Moderate damage
  92. Prius Turbo article from Autospeed
  93. How to tell an XFi
  94. Dead Prius 2005
  95. Civic VX PCV valve, or lack there of.
  96. Geo Metro Owners HELP!
  97. Bent Rim.....will is still work?
  98. high tire pressure and wet roads
  99. Honda Exhausts: Stick with Stock?
  100. 92 Civic VX 5 wire Oxygen sensor question
  101. So I measured my o2 readouts on the new VX..
  102. Civic VX Lean Burn monitor
  103. Canadian VX's, whats the difference?
  104. can the rusted metro control arm mount be repaired?
  105. Question about soloenoid.
  106. Possible VX problem..
  107. D15z1 swap
  108. Tricking the PCM/ECU into lean burn?
  109. Frank's mpfi/obd1 swap list
  110. Who else has done a taller transmission swap?
  111. valve springs
  112. Lighter Flywheel for Manual Transmission?
  113. Anyone want to post their emissions?
  114. Hot Air Intake too Hot, no good for MPG!
  115. hf civic swap almost stalls when cold
  116. Taller gearing and its negative impact on FE
  117. Lean/Rich fuel monitor ...
  118. what is an exaust resonator?
  119. Any Honda owners with an Engine Block Heaters?
  120. Worked On The Ranger Today
  121. Source of Vinyl sheeting.
  122. P07 & D15b7
  123. fan coming on after 195f thermostat installed
  124. What is wrong with my clutch? Or what am I doing wrong??
  125. VX Head Question
  126. ? for 88-91 Civic/CRX Z1 (VX) swappers...
  127. PCV Catch Jar Question
  128. VX wiring harness? Help!
  129. vx p07 ecu
  130. TPS Will a 88 Civic DPFI TPS Work on a 92-95 D15z1
  131. Anybody want to guess why the idle speed dropped?
  132. History of my 92 VX troubles (and help request)
  133. The CRX is in
  134. Honda NOID Light, Which to use?
  135. Gadget: KSGS/Khaos Super GasSaver ?!?!?!
  136. 88 Civic D15z1 Swap, Getting Engine Code 16 What could it be?
  137. DA brakes with HF tranny
  138. d15b7 --> d15b2 swappable parts?
  139. Project: Who here knows how to weld?
  140. honda swap, need help
  141. Tire / Axle Ratio Calculators ...
  142. Saturn owners... looking for compatible years
  143. replaced waterpump
  144. Car clicks once when trying to start
  145. Brake and light inspection
  146. Installed 195F Coolant Thermostat ... Reset ECU?
  147. project: moral indemnity
  148. What kind of car protection do you have that prevents getting your car stolen?
  149. Questions about getting HX rims for 99 civic.
  150. JDM VTEC Solenoid has no oil pressure switch How do I wire it up
  151. MPFI Swap parts list
  152. Is it possible to chirp 3rd gear in my car???
  153. D15z1 (VX) Engine EGR System Hookup
  154. Battery light/ irregular idle
  155. Are CRXs easy to break into?
  156. Stability Control - required!
  157. Jdm Stabilizer Charging System
  158. Honda N600 sedan 3 cars for $1000
  159. Civic died again tonight
  160. How do I remove the XFI valve cover?
  161. clutch issues: Should I be able to do this?
  162. Auto Tranny 2nd gear gone
  163. DaX's N600 Restoration
  164. Quiet Starters?
  165. Coolant Leak Question - Integra
  166. Vtec-e just killed my car
  167. 88 Civic Shift Linkage
  168. civic idle loop affected by electrical load
  169. How slow can I go in any given gear???
  170. My civic is possessed!
  171. Questions on misc. part interchangability for 88-91 Honda Civics...
  172. Fix my car, :(
  173. BOSE Suspension
  174. Weird problem with my civic manual.
  175. Identifying a CX/VX Transmission
  176. Injector behavior on engine start?
  177. Anyone know carbs?
  178. Gas cap
  179. FE alignment
  180. Some wire tuck advice please?
  181. A Giblet of Friendly Advice
  182. Some glue that won't melt when it gets hot?
  183. Touched by the Midas Touch, in a bad way
  184. typical voltage and amperage across a spark plug ???
  185. Engine Builder's Notebook
  186. Things to look at when buying a Geo Metro
  187. Compression Tester
  188. Side Gapped Spark Plug Life Span ?
  189. high pitch squeak when engine bogs?
  190. Metro 3-cyl General Info
  191. Just failed emissions twice
  192. Blackfly Down - FIXED - thanks.
  193. How loud it open downpipe?
  194. Help! 87 Honda Civic A/C Wiring
  195. Looking for Insight wheel numbers
  196. Does this sound like a dead battery?
  197. Do Metros have lean-burn?
  198. Stuck Caliper?
  199. Busted Oil Cap
  200. Strut Question
  201. Hf advantage:8v/trans 50/50
  202. budomove's KFA d15b8 mpfi swap log
  203. Honda guys - need help filling transmission fluid
  204. was there a california hf?
  205. Is it okay to buy a high mileage honda??
  206. Seafoam?
  207. 93 integra shift knob fit an ef 4spd?
  208. OBDII port on Odyssey
  209. Civic owners with power steering
  210. Can you identify the wires in my o2 sensor?
  211. Help me identify some wires for my swap
  212. g-tech to check mileage/horsepower
  213. hondas k series engine
  214. Questions about PCV
  215. Drum Brakes
  216. taller tranny
  217. Dilemma concerning front sway bar on n600
  218. Car stalls when idling and A/C is on
  219. Rim painting...
  220. How to tell whether it is an hf tranny?
  221. D15Z1 Engine swap project log
  222. clutch case cover is bent, what to do?
  223. OBDII Questions
  224. How do I put antifreeze back in???
  225. I need a welder!!! (extended top hats, please)
  226. Any ideas on how to fix up this seat?
  227. looking at a new car, '82 civic dx
  228. Why would my battery randomly die?
  229. LED Cluster/Misc Stuff
  230. Question about painting my rims
  231. Catch 22
  232. It didn't just do it once, but no it had to do another one. (RANT)
  233. Is my wife's clutch going out?
  234. TSB-Technical Service Bulletin
  235. 2006 Fuel "Boutique" Map
  236. E-manage, any body got some info?
  237. Got a new air hose and windshield washer cap
  238. Wouldn't it be better to have a valve cover breather rather than having a tube going from the valve cover back to the intake???
  239. Can too much transmission fluid hurt the shifting of the transmission???
  240. What if I switch to Royal purple Synthetic ATF for my tranny?
  241. My engine is slowly giving up the ghost.
  242. Pic of steering
  243. Matt's n600 rebuild project log
  244. Any idea how to get rid of a vacuum leak?
  245. Having some transmission problems.
  246. Help with my new intake manifold and throttle body
  247. 94 Civic DX auto, fuel injected VECI sticker.
  248. Any ideas how to install this?
  249. How do I replace a catalytic converter on a 2002 Nissan Altima?
  250. Most Efficient Header and Exhaust Design