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  1. Gearz 6 tips to increase fuel economy
  2. Trying to get a little get together in Nashville.
  3. 93 Honda Civic VX horrible fuel economy
  4. new tires with worse mpg???
  5. new fuel saving game!
  6. Anyone ever use thier Garmin features to track you mileage/driving style?
  7. Full tank of fuel or not?
  8. Burn Rate Modifier
  9. 4wd Truck Suggestions
  10. Lets talk tires for my Subaru.
  11. My crx was rear ended
  12. Watch the Odo, not the speed
  13. Running a WAI through the wringer
  14. Ultimate way to cheat emissions tests?
  15. Steering Pump, alternator removal
  16. restricted air intake
  17. Throttle Body Insert
  18. People with MPGUINO
  19. Best place to get a scangauge
  20. Toyota
  21. I want this Hybrid Hydrogen Honda!
  22. yet another WAI experiment: Related discussion
  23. Inexpensive Handling upgrade/Mpg increase
  24. A must read for choosing a new car
  25. I've never seen this product before
  26. What to do in the snow?
  27. WAI hard data collection thread
  28. Anyone know MegaSquirt well?
  29. Another electric car
  30. Let's talk WAI
  31. Diesel still better than hybrids?
  32. CRX HF, Civic CX/VX owners, do you get locked out of 1st gear when moving???
  33. Some gas better than others?
  34. ScanGauge Questions..mine came in the mail today
  35. Hotter Ignition + Wider Plug Gap
  36. Calling all Civic VX and DX/SI hatch owners...
  37. Leanest AFR I can get away with?
  38. Supercharger/Increased MPG?
  39. World's cheapest car 50MPG
  40. Idling with an auto
  41. It's cold!!!
  42. Subu-two is dead: Picking up a 01 Accord tomorrow
  43. Got my work cut out for me.
  44. Taller gears!
  45. 1995 Civic VX - need your opinions
  46. How much would a Limeted Slip Diff affect MPG?
  47. my new mileage monster.
  48. WAI and detonation.
  49. fuel heaters
  50. Reprogrammed ECU for my Jeep Diesel CRD...33mpg highway
  51. PSA: Lexus ES350 Use Regular Gasoline Instead
  52. It's that time of year again!
  53. someone Build one of these 150 mpg hybrids!
  54. Mathematicians, Help me Formulate my tire PSI!
  55. Is this Honda CRX HF worth $4,000?
  56. 50k on my VX
  57. fuel economy question
  58. Buying a new car: go for the highest EPA milage or the highest potential hypermilage?
  59. finally found an inexpensive data logger
  60. Coasting in Neutral
  61. New Stock Performance Setup for 45mpg hopefully!!
  62. where do the gains and losses start and stop with tire pressure?
  63. electric water pump
  64. 1992 Civic VX: Does it use premium fuel?
  65. EPA rating??
  66. From 10W40 to 0W30
  67. 50 MPG ........ Chevy!
  68. What I learned about FE over the weekend
  69. My first mod: grill block
  70. bumper envy
  71. Purchasing a new fuel efficent car.
  72. The Alcan Hwy!
  73. Patented
  74. gas price prediction for the summer and further?
  75. Broken Odometer
  76. My VX returns
  77. Old Insight more green than an Electric Car?
  78. rv preperation for a trip
  79. Found another book with automotive and tire study/data
  80. i want to get 35MPG out of my pick up truck
  81. Scan Gauge Fuel Offset Questions
  82. Here is a Plan
  83. OBD2 scantools and engines
  84. air intake thoughts
  85. going the wrong way...
  86. Eco Motor Company
  87. designing a new intake
  88. Radiator blocking drawback
  89. WAI? thermostatic control valve, etc.
  90. Direct injection vehicles?
  91. winter warmup tip
  92. 2004 Corolla vs. 2004 Matrix
  93. Just wanted to give you Civic VX owners some head up (Sumitomo HTR H4) special sale
  94. Mythbusters Golf Ball Car
  95. new car surprise gas saver
  96. Sweet gas saver!
  97. Sparks For Honda
  98. EF2 gas problems.
  99. Tire Size vs Economy
  100. Civic VX - which tires is better to use for MPG
  101. Civic VX (CA) model question?
  102. 'Clyde the Ride' Got New Shoes
  103. Disconnecting power steering
  104. Bought a 1991 Civic Si (pics)
  105. Is all diesel gas created equal?
  106. is this crap? (ecometer)
  107. Oil change, ScanGauge...what the dilly, yo?
  108. simple to make hydrogen generator
  109. Thrilled about commute tomorrow!
  110. Car wash ate my car
  111. So today I had to Remove my WAI
  112. Truck lowering scheme
  113. Thrifty McGassaver, This is your Life!
  114. Observing other drivers
  115. Lost 3.6 mpg, what'd I do???
  116. testing the waters
  117. Got a new car!
  118. Windows vs. A/C
  119. Vx bad 02 sensor diagnosis
  120. Staples being ECO friendly
  121. Kumho kr21 = LRR?? vs sumitomo htr T4...
  122. Where can I buy LED's for my car?
  123. Spark Plug Choice for MPG? hotter spark?
  124. AerocivicLB
  125. Reduce Your Electrical Load, Save Gas
  126. Where To Get Synthetic Oil Cheap!
  127. 2009 Volkswagen L1 Concept
  128. MINI First
  129. Radiator Blocking for Winter Conditions
  130. Engine size + RPM + MPH = Best MPG?
  131. Extra Fill, But Not Topping Off
  132. Anybody knows if this actually works?
  133. Richmond Va. Anyone interested in building a micro car?
  134. One gallon challenge
  135. Got a dilemma with tires
  136. Any need for a SG II when your car comes with MPG computer?
  137. "Start Your Engines!" versus Seafoam
  138. Any Jeep Owners on here with any MPG success stories??
  139. Air flow and mpg on VX
  140. Where 7 mpg is Good
  141. Who's mileage is the worst?
  142. Powered Third Wheel Speculation
  143. Cars/Trucks - Overachievers.
  144. What's Reasonable Fuel Economy and EPA numbers.
  145. Premium gas for 2010 Honda Insight
  146. Heavy car, what to swap in?
  147. Gas saving and comfortable ride?
  148. my 30,000$ home built saturn hybrid
  149. Gaslog Entries
  150. Curb Treasure MacGyver FE mod Challenge!
  151. performance exaust, mpg increase?
  152. thoughts of the 2010 chevy Equinox?
  153. Corvette C4 as FE car?
  154. Diesel-electric Insight?
  155. stratified lean burn tuning aem
  156. CA VX vs federal VX
  157. air pressure valve caps
  158. Nature's Air Conditioner
  159. 230: BS or utter BS?
  160. Garmin EcoRoute
  161. Aluminum wheels?
  162. 1994 Ford Ranger XL 6 cyl 5sp
  163. Tell us about your 'Cash for Clunkers' experience.
  164. Where is R.I.D.E. today
  165. 95 Civic lx better FE, Mods or d15z1 swap?
  166. Here's Your MPG!
  167. gas saving tips?
  168. What size lrr tires for my 95 jeep cherokee sport 2wd? I want sMaller than 225 75 15
  169. Fuel Saving Engine Map
  170. Real world gains from increase tire pressure to max
  171. What can I do?
  172. P&G acceleration rate and top speed advice
  173. High octane increase MPG on VX?
  174. MPH to MPG Chart, Make your OWN
  175. 126 mpg!
  176. TDI EPA figures off?
  177. What Manual tranny goes in a 1999 Ford Taurus where a auto tranny did
  178. I <3 Google Maps
  179. Idea for an "econometer" for non OBD-II EFI...
  180. Most Documented Cars
  181. Scangauge Xgauge codes?
  182. Shifting points formula "project" : Your opinions?
  183. 90 civic dpfi & d15b6 anyone?
  184. A Patent
  185. Solar Powered Ventilation?
  186. Ground wires or voltage stablizer works on FE?
  187. Timing Belt, fact or fiction?
  188. What is the most efficient DRIVING SPEED? I have a Toyota Aygo ( and a Citroen Xsara Picasso)
  189. Thermal Management of Oil and Trans Fluid...
  190. What is more friendly to the environment (Gas vs. Tires)
  191. I think I've found out why people have FE gains with their CAIs...
  192. 4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder
  193. Towing FE with my Jeep Patriot
  194. Please move my Insight mileage
  195. Auto Meter Ecometer
  196. Steelies vs. Alloys
  197. one of my youtube vids
  198. A mile saved is a mile earned
  199. Vacation Road Trip
  200. Warm weather...
  201. More proof of HAI helping
  202. I got over 20mpg!
  203. Cars Allowance Rebate System C.A.R.S
  204. Need MPG data for Civic VX with AC and without AC
  205. A.M.E.C. Economy Run III - Fonda, NY 8-23-09
  206. Valve springs
  207. MPG .... 5-Speed vs 4-Speed
  208. A\C
  209. Two days, two personal bests!
  210. civic question
  211. Prius owners, what oil do you use?
  212. A/C Usage and Impact on FE
  213. crx hf only getting 33mpg :/
  214. yet another WAI experiment
  215. back from a 1500 mile road trip
  216. Drive with or without an unattached oxygen sensor?
  217. Is lower RPM always more efficient?
  218. hf vx swap
  219. VW Jetta fast riser
  220. WAI: does no power loss = no mpg gain?
  221. what are our thoughts on the nissan versa 1.6
  222. alternative to SCAN gauge
  223. summer is here and gas prices are rising...
  224. Timing Belt Broke
  225. Nice to have an official source confirm fuel economy methods..
  226. Escort mini-update...
  227. My saturn impressed me today
  228. % Over EPA Frequency Distribution
  229. OK, got my carb leaned!
  230. Tire Rolling Resistance PDF
  231. CRX VX intake
  232. Debunking fuel-saving marketing, myths, etc
  233. Your next car?
  234. how to squeeze a bit more mpg on highway?
  235. 97 cx civic with a hx civic swap?
  236. 1,900 mile roundtrip coming up
  237. cash for clunkers
  238. Driving Methods in Modifications of Garage
  239. Predict my fuel economy. 530 mile road trip coming up
  240. Anyone near Vermont?
  241. Nascar Hypermiler....
  242. water vapor injection
  243. Comparison of Motor Oils
  244. Suggestions of a GM vehicle that I can get 35mpg in?
  245. Easy way to save gas
  246. Another step towards something resembling fuel economy!
  247. First 50+ MPG on '08 Cobalt XFE
  248. WAI for Jaguar S-Type
  249. Shiftyness
  250. Where's the cheap VX O2 sensor?