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Free Cloud Backups

Your data is always safe with cloud backups.

Accessible Anywhere

Managing your fuel logs has never been easier. View your data from your Desktop, mobile browser or native apps (Android coming soon).

Learn How to Save Money

Understand how your vehicle is performing and discover the best way to drive your vehicle more fuel-efficiently.

Browse Real Data

Browse real community data for a specific vehicle model or category of vehicle.

We're excited to announce that GasCubby, the best iOS fuel logging app is joining forces with Fuelly, the premier web fuel logging community. Together we will bring great improvement in your ability to quickly and easily log your fuel usage on the go as well as give you the power of the Fuelly community to better understand how your vehicle compares to similar vehicles.

Follow @GasCubby or check the Fuelly Forums for updates, to provide feedback, or to answer any questions you may have.

What to look forward to:

  • A fresh new version 3, keeping the excellence in design and features you know and love from Version 2.5!
  • Version 3 will come with improved performance, web based access to view & manage your data and Free cloud storage for syncing between different devices.
  • Improved fuel usage tracking and metrics to help make you a better driver.
  • Better views into your vehicles total cost of ownership along with access to incredible data on vehicles you may be considering for the future.
  • Vehicle hardware connectivity allowing you to learn more about the health of your vehicle