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Gas Cubby - Updates for Version 3

Updated: September 9th at 7:45pm EDT

Hello Gas Cubby Users,

An update to Gas Cubby (v3.0.8) went live today, September 9, 2016. As previously mentioned in our last update, v3.0.8 will address many of your concerns. This new version contains the following fixes.

  • Added the ability to re-run upgrade from v2.7 to 3.0 if you had issues (see below).
  • Resolved issue of missing vehicles after initial v2.7 to 3.0 upgrade.
  • Resolved issue of missing data including fuel-ups, service entries, and vehicle information fields (VIN, License Plate, Tire Size, etc.) after initial v2.7 to 3.0 upgrade.
  • Created a tool to highlight duplicate service reminders.
  • Clarified wording during upgrade from 2.7 to 3.0. Please make sure to take your time and read all the text on each screen.
  • Added a prompt to clarify process of how to sync multiple devices.
  • Other Synchronization Updates and Fixes.

We are posting the information on how to run these fixes on our forums. You can access the fixes from the following links:

If you are missing vehicles, fuel-ups, service entries or vehicle information (VIN, License Plate, Tire Size, etc.) after initial v2.7 to 3.0 upgrade. Please re-run the 2.7 to 3.0 upgrade (NOTE: any data added to the app since 3.0 was released will be deleted.). Instructions on how to re-run the 2.7 to 3.0 upgrade can be found at the following link:
Missing Data Issues

If you have duplicate service reminders, please visit the following link to learn how to resolve this issue:
Duplicate service reminders

If you have duplicate vehicles, please visit the following link to learn about how to resolve the issue:
Duplicate vehicles

Instructions on how to Sync between multiple devices:
How to Sync between multiple devices

We are aware of a few other smaller issues and are working to resolve them in our next app update. Please be patient.

Kind Regards,
The GasCubby/Fuelly Team

Update: September 5th at 10:15pm EDT

Gas Cubby & Fuelly Users,

We are very sorry that some users are experiencing issues. Please rest assured your data is safe and it will get ported over completely and properly. We designed the app upgrade to ensure that all data would be safe by leaving a copy of the old 2.7 database on your device, untouched.

The issues that are outstanding are caused by some data anomalies in the old GasCubby database that did not surface with our 1,300 beta testers. The data issues appear to be more prominent for very long time users of GasCubby, suggesting they were introduced in a very old version of GasCubby that possibly had a software glitch.

App Update To Be Released This Week
We are planning to release a new version of the app this week that will allow users to rerun the migration process. This version is currently being coded. Once complete we will need to test internally before we can release it to the public. We cannot provide an exact ETA at this time but we understand this is a major inconvenience and are working our hardest to get this new version released as soon as possible. Also note that Apple will need to approve the update and approval times can vary in length.

Missing Data Issues (Vehicles & Logs)
Some users have reported that the new app is not showing any or only a few of many vehicles along with their associated fuel-ups or service entries. We have identified an issue which was causing that problem. The next app update will allow you to rerun the migration process and resolve the issue.

Other users have reported certain data that did not migrate over such as service entries, VIN numbers, Insurance information, etc. The next app update will allow you to rerun the migration process and resolve the issue.

Duplicate Vehicles
Some users have reported that they now have duplicate vehicles in their app. This issue typically stems from having GasCubby installed on more than one device. A user would upgrade on one device and sync over all their vehicles. They would then upgrade on another device and sync over all the vehicles from the second device as well. This would result in the same car being added multiple times.

The correct process for someone who is using GasCubby on more than one device is to sync the primary device with your account. Then login to and/or check on Gas Cubby v3 and make sure your data looks correct. Once you have confirmed your data is correct you can delete the app from your secondary device, reinstall the app, and then press the sync button to pull down the data from the server. From that point forward your devices will stay in sync. In addition, we are updating the app to make these instructions more clear and walk you through the process on the secondary devices.

We are also working on server based logic to deter this from happening and the ability to identify accounts where duplicate vehicles are an issue. We will then email users with a link to a web based tool that will allow them to pick which car they want to keep and which ones they want to remove.

What should I do in the meantime while waiting for a fix?
Although it’s inconvenient (we are very sorry) we would suggest manually jotting down the data from your fuel-ups and service entries that occur prior to the fixes are being released. You will be able to enter them once your app is working properly and continue with your fuel and service logging.

What if if the next app update doesn’t fix my issue?
We are focusing on the most critical issues first. We are aware of other smaller issues or app functionality tweaks that need to be fixed. We will be focusing on issues related to data loss or incorrect data being migrated over. Once those have all been resolved we will start fixing the other app usability issues that have been reported.

Please keep in mind your data is safe as long as you do not delete the app from your device. We understand it’s alarming to see data missing from the current version of the app. Rest assured your data is not gone and we will be working as quickly as possible to ensure all the data is ported over to v3 of the app.

Update: September 1st at 3:00pm EDT

Gas Cubby & Fuelly Users,

Thank you for supporting Gas Cubby and Fuelly. We know that some people have experienced less than ideal migrations to Gas Cubby version 3. We wanted to take this time to tell you what has happened, what we are doing about it, and what you can expect.

What Happened?
Upon releasing Gas Cubby version 3, we received an overwhelming response and adoption rate. We are happy to welcome the many new users who created accounts and synced with There was a Gas Cubby software issue when some users synced with causing the app to send invalid requests to the server. As these invalid requests built up, they overloaded the server causing the inability to sync or migrate data with

What we are doing about it?
We added two more very powerful servers. In addition, we have the ability to add more servers as needed within a few hours. We started making app software changes. They include:
- Grouping records when syncing with post migration to make it more efficient on the server and app.
- Modified the app to only send valid requests to the server.
- Introduced logic to de-duplicate records caused with migration issues.

What you can expect?
Many users won't see issues when using Gas Cubby v3 and If you do experience issues, please keep the email that is sent to you with the backup link. This will allow us to help you restore your data.

If you need to use the app now, you will most likely have a good experience. As mentioned above, if you can wait a few days, we will be releasing a new update to the app store. This will resolve the software issues we have found that affect a small number of users.

If your migration hasn't gone smoothly, we sincerely apologize. We are confident that we will be able to recover your data from the backup file to ensure you have clean data. Please visit to discuss any issues, concerns, or recommendations.

If you have contacted us to report your issue, rest assured that your data is safe and we will get back to you. We have a few hundred people (out of many thousand) that have reported issues. Since the issues started we have been focused on finding solutions. We will start to respond back to everyone ASAP. Please keep in mind that we might not be able to reply back until next week due to the backlog.

Thanks again for your understanding and patience.

The Gas Cubby/Fuelly Team

Update: August 31 at 11:50am EDT

Gas Cubby Users,

We launched Gas Cubby version 3 yesterday and we are excited about the overwhelming response we received. People are adopting the new app in record numbers! However, our servers are loaded to the max and therefore some users are experiencing some technical difficulties. We are working as fast as we can to add server capacity.

We'd appreciate if you can help us out in the following ways:

1) Please hold off on using Gas Cubby v3 for a little bit!  This if your best thing you can do to ensure your data is fine.  We will email again when server load is down and it's a better time to proceed.
2) Please be patient and wait to migrate your data to Gas Cubby 3.
3) Do NOT delete the app, Your data is not lost! It's in your app.

We're confident that everything will be fine with your data. We just need a little bit of time.
Thank you again for your understanding and patience.