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December 19, 2017 Update NEW

Greetings Fuelly Member,

A long time ago we had a beta app (Gas Tracker) and then we acquired Gas Cubby (free and paid). We are now merging all apps into a single app to reduce confusion.

The first step was to get the new official app live in the app store. That’s done and our official app is now called Fuelly. The Fuelly app has replaced the paid version of Gas Cubby and is now free. It’s the only app that will be getting updates in the future. You can access it here.

Here are details about what action you need to take if you have been using one of these apps:

Gas Tracker / Gas Cubby Lite

You will need to do the following steps before March 1st.

  1. Sync your data from Gas Tracker or Gas Cubby Lite to
  2. Install the new Fuelly app. Download the app here
  3. Start using the new Fuelly app instead of GasTracker+ or Gas Cubby Lite.
Gas Cubby Pro

Our new official app which is now called “Fuelly” was released to Gas Cubby Pro users. This means if you were a Gas Cubby Pro user your app will now be called Fuelly and you do not need to install any other app, it will be updated for you automatically via Apple’s app update process.

For Gas Cubby Pro users that purchased the app prior to Dec 11, 2017, the app will continue to be ad free. After you install the latest version if you continue to see ads, please force close the app and when reopened, the ads should be gone.

By popular request, the newest addition to the Fuelly app is the ability to add photos and PDFs to fuel-up and service records. A subscription is required to use this feature to help defray the server and development costs. You can get it for $4.99 per year which is about the cost of one cup of coffee! We have also added compatibility with the iPhone X and fixed some bugs in the latest version.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please check out the iOS App forum located here.

December 11, 2017

Gas Cubby Pro to Fuelly

We are excited to announce that the iOS Fuelly app now supports attachments. You can attach photos and PDFs to your vehicles, fuelups, service records, notes, etc. We are offering this as a subscription service for 49 cents per month or $4.99 per year for attachments. Existing paid users of Gas Cubby pro will not have advertisements within the app. New users can subscribe to have access to attachments and remove advertisements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this change anything for existing users that previously purchased Gas Cubby Pro?
No. The new Fuelly app has all of the same features as the old Gas Cubby. You will continue to have an app free from advertisements. The app will automatically detect that you had previously purchased Gas Cubby Pro. You have the option to subscribe to store your attachments.
What does the subscription offer to previous Gas Cubby pro users?
The subscription gives the user the ability to add photos or attach files to your records in Fuelly. You will also be able to save a photo or pdf of your insurance card. The files supported are PDF, gif, jpg, png.
How do I subscribe?
Just tap the Add Receipt in any screen and select the monthly or yearly subscription option. In addition, you can select the “Subscribe” option from the main menu.
Why are the photo attachments not included for old Gas Cubby Pro users?
Fuelly is trying to defray the extensive development costs and the server and hosting costs associated with storing the photos and PDF attachments.
How do I cancel the subscription?
Open Settings on your device. Tap iTunes & App Store. Tap on your Apple ID. Tap View Apple ID when the pop up window appears. Enter your Apple ID password or use TouchID or FaceID when prompted. Tap Subscriptions. Tap the Subscription you want to cancel. Tap Cancel Subscription.
Are the attachments shared with the Internet?
No. The attachments are private and are not shared with other Fuelly users.
What happens if I get a new device? Or add an additional device (say an iPad). How do I restore my subscription?
If you get a new, or add a second device, just login to the iTunes account associated with your subscription and download the app to that device.
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