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Over inflating tyres will save you fuel as it gives less rolling resistance however the trade off is SAFETY. Although tyre walls state max pressures that has nothing to do with what your car requires e.g. a vehicle that weighs more needs more pressure to get the shape of the tyre right so you get maximum tyre contact with the road. Over inflating tyres is ill advised and potentially dangerous as the tyre takes on a more rounded shape wearing the centre of the tread down because that is all that is in contact with the road. Consequently when braking hard you are not using all of your tyre's surface. Conversely under inflating tyres causes the tyre to "collapse upwards" in the middle so the tyre wears on the outer edges only. Manufacturers give recommended tyre pressure ratings for very good reason so please don't make your own decision about such things. Fuelly please would you consider removing this "tip" for safety reasons.

posted by TheDivvy on April 4, 2009

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