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Fuel Saving Tips

Don't pay for dirty gas!

If you see a fuel tanker at your gas station, you shouldn't buy gas from that station for a few hours, maybe even a few days. Why ? When the underground tanks are filled, it stirs in A LOT of the debris that was settled at the bottom of the tank, and water that was floating on top of the gas. Even a few hours after the refueling is done, all the debris has still not completely settled back down, and the water has not finished floating back up, which means it does get sucked into the pumps and ends up in your tank. Yes, there is water floating on top of the gas in the underground tank. I worked in a gas station for a long time and tested for presence of water every week (using a paste applied to the dip stick). There is always between 1 and 5 cm of water on top of the gas. When it gets too high, a special truck comes and pumps it out. This water comes from mostly from condensation, but a little rainwater slowly seeps in too. And yes, there is debris settled at the bottom of the tank. One of our underground tank had to be changed and was dug out. We found about 3 inches of mud at the bottom of the tank. Two things you do not want in YOUR tank are debris and water. Go pump elsewhere if you see the tanker truck.

posted by Alex007 on September 4, 2009

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