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Fuel Saving Tips

"Sea Foam" Older Cars and Watch Those Tires

I found a couple of tricks that have really helped me save MPG. 1. Sea Foam! Sea Foam is a wonderful product. 1 can in the gas tank ( treats up to 25 gallons) really gets those injectors clean and reduces hesitation and pinging and for me I pick up about 2 to 3 MPG when I do it. It also works great in the crank case as well (just ad it to your oil per instructions on the can) and it cleans your engine from the inside out. I must CAUTION you; even though Sea Foam is safe for most Vehicles adhere STRICTLY to your owners manual or dealer about what is safe for your vehicle as far as oil and gas additives. Some car manufactures advise STRICTLY AGAINST using oil additives so better to be safe than sorry. Tires/ Wheals: Keep your tires properly inflated. I saw one tip on here about putting more air than recommended by your vehicle in your tires and it concerned me. Although over inflating will help your MPG the side effects can be very detrimental. Each vehicle has a specific PSI for the tires (refer to the plate / sticker in your diver's door frame) for a reason. Over / under inflating will cause premature tire ware and possibly unsafe handling characteristics. Have your tires BALANCED and ROTATED regularly this will help insure longer tire life and smother ride. Most vehicles should have their tires rotated about ever 6k miles if you change your oil every 3k mile just have them do it every other time you get the oil changed that way you don't forget.

posted by chris1985 on March 15, 2012

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