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wngnt 12-18-2016 09:07 PM

Site problems?
Pressing "Add Fuel-up" is generating some sort of download which I of course cancelled immediately. The word "create" is at the beginning of the file name that tries to download.

EMY92 12-19-2016 02:33 AM

Not to my knowledge. I was able to add a fuelup to one of my account's without issue. However, I did notify our server and web managers of your issue.

EMY92 12-19-2016 04:43 AM

The server manager responded, he hasn't seen any suspicious activity.

Is it possible that you hit "Create a New Vehicle"?

Or, would it be possible to get a screenshot?


wngnt 12-19-2016 06:56 AM

No, I was adding fuel-up but I tried again this morning and it worked okay. I did get a warning message about the odometer reading being the same as a previous one which makes a bit of sense. So even though I was not able to do the fuel up last night, something was tracking my data entry.

I'll just chalk it up to late night weirdness.

Thanks for your responses.

EMY92 12-19-2016 06:58 AM

Thanks for the update.

04Sienna 12-31-2016 05:06 AM


Pressing "Add Fuel-up" is generating some sort of download...word "create"...
I'm getting the same message during the week, including just now (Dec. 31 2016)

EMY92 12-31-2016 05:21 AM

Thanks for the update, I have notified the web folks. If possible, please give more detail on exactly what you saw so help us narrow down the issue.


Sprocket 12-31-2016 09:04 AM

Same here for the last few days. Using Google Chrome. When typing www.fuelly.com, it downloads a file called "dashboard" while taking me to the fuelly website. When entering a fill up, it downloads a file called "create"

EMY92 12-31-2016 09:06 AM

Thanks for the detail, I'll pass this along.

04Sienna 01-01-2017 08:09 AM

Happens with google chrome.

New today:
When clicking on the Fuelly icon from this forum web page (top left corner of screen), a file named "dashboard" downloads...and then nothing else happens (i.e. cannot get to home page).

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