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2004 Perodua Kelisa GXi

Property of hocngiap Added Jan 2015 Location: KL

Rebadged Daihatsu Cuore/Mira/Gino Classic

Engine capacity: EJ-DE, 3 cylinder DOHC 12V, 1.0L

Transmission: Manual


Stock 14" Steel rim

(front back interchange every 20k KM)

Yokohama Bluearth AE-01

Tyres at 200PSI

Used tyres(until 26May14)

Continental 165 55 r14 x2

Goodyear 165 55 r14 x2

Engine oil:

Shell Helix hx5 10w30(mineral)

Original Perodua oil filter

Driving behavior:

95% Gear shifting at 2k-2.5K RPM

30% driving with Air conditioner

80% stuck in heavy traffic jam

95% driving with only driver(85kg)


Petronas Primax95 xtra(ron95)

Shell Fuelsave RON95

Additional info:

Bosch Twin head sparkplugs (until 19Jul2013)

NGK Oem sparkplugs (from 19Jul2013 - 20Mar2015)

Hella CM7RP-11 Sparkplugs (from 20Mar2015)

K&N Air Filter(drop in)

Marco Exhaust system(rear assembly OEM)

Ultra Racing 4 point front strut bar

Ultra Racing upper rear strut bar

Retired on 31 July 2015. :(

Traded for a new car

Basic Stats

37.5 (0.0)


43.2 (+8.9)

Last MPG

84.6 (10/19/13)

Best MPG

  • RM7.38 Avg Price/Gallons
  • RM33.24 Avg Price/Fuel-up
  • RM0.20 Avg Price/Mile
  • RM8,209.72 Total Spent

  • 0
  • 0
  • 4
  • 1
  • 7
  • 4
  • 4

Total Miles Tracked

City vs Highway Driving

247 averaging 1 per week
Total Fuel-ups

Recent Fuel-ups

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Perodua · Kelisa · 2004


Safety Tip

Don't tailgate !

by Jerrya2k9

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