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1992 VX O2 sensor question

I just purchased a 92 civic vx and I was told that it had a brand new O2 sensor. I took his word because it looked rather new under the hood. I would also like to note that I think its a CA car and not fed. How can I check if all 92's came with 5 wire O2 senors. During the test drive the car seemed fine but it did have a little hesitation. The owner told me that its been a while since he did a tune up so I figure it was an easy fix. When I was driving it home I noticed it was pretty gutless in low RPM. I had trouble keeping the car at highway speeds without downshifting and keeping it at 3000+. I went through a standard wire, plugs, cap, and rotter tuneup and it still runs like crap at low RPM. I pulled the O2 and it has writing on it that makes me think it came from a junk yard. It had honda HX written on it. I fing hate dishonest sellers. I did some research and I guess you can single out the O2 sensor by unplugging it so I did. I went for a test drive and it felt much better. I was able to keep my shifts around 2000-2500 and accelerate just not super fast. You can expect much out of a 90hp car.

Here are my questions. Does everyone agree its probably my O2. Next, considering its a 92, it requires a wide band sensor even though its a CA car with no lean burn. Can I buy a 4 pin universal and wire it in? I was planning to use the connector from the O2 I already have and slice it in. I don't want to ruin my harness because I want to convert the car to fed in the future. I don't see why this wont work when 93+ CA vx's had the 4 wire O2 sensor. Also if this will work will it affect my car passing smog and does anyone have the wiring diagram to mach up the wire colors? If I can't do this mod will my mpg suffer bad if I drive it without the O2 sensor plugged in until I have the $300+ for the new one? Thanks for any help I may get on this.

One last thing not related to the O2 sensor. I have a very nasty rattle from the exhaust. I took a look and I am 98% sure that its the heat shield under the car. Can I remove the exhaust shield without it causing any problems?

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Re: 1992 VX O2 sensor question

i can't speak to your O2 issues, but...

consider that the car may need a valve adjustment, it may have a clogged cat, or any combination of those 3 things.

i wouldn't remove any heat shields...i'd rather have a rattle than have something melt or catch fire! repair or replace it.

you should be able to shift BELOW 2k w/ that vehicle btw.

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Re: 1992 VX O2 sensor question

I don't think the cat is the source of the hesitation. I am not sure if you read it but when I disconnect the O2 sensor the car runs fine. I can probably shift at under 2000 rpm but there are hills everywhere down in San Diego.

The under body cat is brand new and I know for sure. The one next to the exhaust manifold is old. I did some research and I guess that one is super rare. Where the heck and I find this cat online? Can this car pass california smog if I where to hollow out to first cat and rely on just the under body cat?
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