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I have 2 VXs for 2 years now and love them. Would like to get a LED indicator that shows when in lean-burn mode if possible. Does anyone make one or have instructions to solder something together to indicate to the driver that engine is operating in lean burn mode? Even if I can splice a wire that is open/closed circuit I can install a relay and a light to turn on when its state goes hi/low?

Thanks for any help or experience doing this already.

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Do a search you need tap into the vtec solenoid. someone has done it either on here or on ecomodder. I think it might have been lean burn enthouiest saying he did it.

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so far, no results

Tried your pins suggested here, d14/d16 and I git some voltage sometimes when the car is cold, but right away it drops to near zero. Fluctuating in the .005 to .0005 kind of range. One of those pins to chasis ground gives me the 2.7 always (reference v?).

This is on my old O2 sensor (says L2H2 on it) and on a new one from

Those pins were not the colors you described, and I have not had time yet to go back in and test any possibilities. Just wondering if you have any suggestions first?

my /problem/ is I get a stumbling hesitation at low throttle levels when I'm trying to maintain a gentile cruising speed. If I unplug the O2 sensor this goes away. Replacing the o2 sensor did nothing. Any suggestions what else would cause this? I also do not notice lean burn kicking in on the mpgUino display.

Thanks for any advice!!!

Originally Posted by TomO View Post
It looks like it would work as a monitor.

There are two ways of monitoring the LAF:
Positive lead of the DMM/DVM to pin D14 (orange with blue stripe)
Negative lead to pin D16 (blue with green stripe wire)
for a reading of -1.xVolts to +.XVolts. + being in lean burn mode.


Positive lead to D14
Negative lead to chassis ground or D22 (sensor ground)
for a reading from +0.xV to +3.1V (lean burn is when readings are above 2.7V)
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i have this same problem with my lean burn and from talking to a shop today a guy had his vx in thier for the same problem, they said every time it stumbled is when lean burn was kicking in, confrimed from a wideband they had hooked up while testing it the afr's would be very high on low rpm throttle tip etc.. the same thing i complained to them my car was doing to, so from what it sounds like then that this is the norm for any lean burn motor

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