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View Poll Results: How much did you pay for your most FE vehicle?
Less than $250 14 9.40%
$251 - $500 15 10.07%
$501 - $1,000 21 14.09%
$1,001 - $2,000 32 21.48%
$2,001 - $4,000 33 22.15%
$4,001 - $8,000 8 5.37%
$8,001 - $12,000 5 3.36%
$12,001 - $16,000 8 5.37%
$16,001 - $20,000 4 2.68%
More than $20,000 9 6.04%
Voters: 149. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 09-24-2008, 09:43 PM   #51
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$665 for my civic. Probably have $1600 in it now including that price. Thank you distributor for dying Monday.

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Old 09-25-2008, 05:04 AM   #52
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Paid $6,628 for my '04 Scion xB in Nov 2007. Got a screaming deal on it because it had high miles (102K) and a minor scrape on the passenger side. The used car lot sold it to me for what they'd paid at auction a few months earlier (and showed me the stamped invoice to prove it). I'm up over 36mpg in it.

My second best was a '91 Subaru Legacy wagon. I averaged over 27mpg and paid $450 for the car. I replaced a '78 Nova with it and paid off the car (and registration, repairs, etc.) in fuel savings in under 6 months.


Think inside the Box!
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Old 09-26-2008, 05:11 AM   #53
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I got 2 civics in the last 6 months, 94 VX w 250K for $2200 and 92 VX w 140K for $1700. Had to do some work, but not too bad, about $500 in parts and may be 30-40 hours labor (mine) between the two. Best place to find them is through crazedlist.org that allows searching craigslist in multiple areas at once. Ross
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Old 09-27-2008, 01:01 PM   #54
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my truck I got for $500 and have as much invested in repairs/upgrades.
the cressida I got for $400 and have 3x that invested in repairs/upgrades. course I've saved $6k between them by doing stuff myself instead of paying others to do it
1991 Toyota Pickup 22R-E 2.4 I4/5 speed
1990 Toyota Cressida 7M-GE 3.0 I6/5-speed manual
mechanic, carpenter, stagehand, rigger, and know-it-all smartass
"You don't get to judge me for how I fix what you break"
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Old 09-29-2008, 12:46 PM   #55
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I payed too much for my Saturn it was $16k but I had to roll $10k into it for being upside down (I know I was a fool). it will be paid off in two years UGH then I'm going to dump it and have a used car.
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Old 10-15-2008, 08:05 PM   #56
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I may have left some out.

57 Chevy 210, 396, black, 18 mpg from a 750 holley, paid $200 + my bike.
69 Dodge Charger 383, competition orange, 16 mpg, paid $400, in a barn.
68 VW Cal Bug, Porsche red, got 24 stock, modded 34 mpg, $800.
75 Ford Courier, Yellow, built it to a mini monster, 24 mpg av. $400.
85 Ford Tempo, red, 24 mpg av. Inherited.
75 Datsun B210 fastback, yellow, $100, replaced everything, av 34 mpg.
80 VW Scirroco, Silver, $1200, av 29 mpg, everything blew up.
85 Ford Aerostar, red, inherited, 20 mpg.
70 VW Bug, blue, $400, 32 mpg modded.
72 Datsun 510, silver, 2 litre swap, 24 mpg, $600.
80 Caprice Classic, V6, gold, 22 mpg, inherited.
74 VW Bus, orange Combi, $600, 24 mpg.
79 Toyota 4X4, white, $800, 20 mpg, 350k.
80 Toyota PU, white, $600, 24 mpg, 495k.
78 Toyota Celica GT, Brown, $600, 24 mpg, 379k.
87 Bronco II, V6, red, 24 mpg, $2200.
69 Karman Ghia, white, modded, 34 mpg, free in a barn.
80 Fiat 124 Spider, cream, free in a garage, 26 mpg.
65 MG Miget, red, 1275 swap, $500, 31 mpg.
68 Mini, red, given to me by a friend while he was away for a year, 31 mpg.
66 MG MGB, white, free, bad motor, but transportation, 26 mpg.
80 Volvo 240, white, $600, 24 mpg.
82 Volvo 240, blue, free, 26 mpg.
80 Volvo 240 turbo, white, $500, 26 mpg.
86 Toyota MR2, gold, $2500, 29 mpg.
89 Ford Festiva, blue, inherited, 34, mpg.
91 Ford Explorer, blue, $2200, 26 mpg.
94 Mercury Topaz, teal, free, 24 mpg.
96 Toyota Corolla, red, $2200, 29 mpg.
06 Pontiac Solstice, green, $27k, 25 mpg, my wifes car.
Now looking for a 04 or 05 Prius in the 10 to 13k range.
This is most of the list, some I forgot, some were family cars I didn't mention that passed through 6 or 7 relatives before they got to me. Inherited cars were normally not running from relatives, I took and repaired. Most of the cars here I drove until the pistons fell out the bottom. Don't even get me started on motorcycles.
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Old 10-16-2008, 04:54 AM   #57
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$875 in Oct '07. 1989 CRX DX.

Plus another $300-ish to make it safe and healthy.

All the rest after that was to make it last a little longer.
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Old 10-16-2008, 07:40 AM   #58
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Ok, in order of fuel efficiency:
'93 Festiva - 180k - Free from a friend, 46+MPG
'87 CRX DX - 210k - $100, needs to be put back together but needs no parts, no idea on milage but should be 35+, it's a CVCC, but automatic
'02 Lexus ES300 - 68k - $16k - ~26MPG - 34MPG high - fiance's car which I've since been paying for for last 2 years , I could buy a nice $400 beater every month with that money....
'92 Caprice 9C1 - 162k - $400 + $100 valve cover gaskets + $500 for transmission - ~22MPG - 24MPG high
'94 K1500 - 245k - $750 + $2400 for transmission a couple years back - ~18MPG
'84 Audi 4000S Quattro - 140k - $1000 love this car but needs a swap to a turboed engine and lots of other goodies - ~15MPG but never kept track and was all about AWD, lightweight awesomeness
'88 Caprice 9C1 - 125k - $262 1st car - ~10MPG, I remember getting 8MPG an aweful lot, can't really recall getting 11-12 ever but feel like I did maybe....
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Old 10-16-2008, 08:01 AM   #59
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That's cool. I love the 9C1 Caprices. I didn't think the 9C1 was available in 88 though. I thought the first year for the 9C1 was 1990. If I remember correctly the 88 wasn't fuel injected, it came with a 4 bbl Rochester QuadraJet carb. That being said, I bet it was still a very quick car. My squad had an 86 with the police package on it. Very fun to drive. I remember one of my fellow squadmembers said after the car was retired that "It was cool. You could pull put in front of someone, cut them off, and be gone before they got there." It definately nailed you in the back of the seat when you floored it. As the vehicle maintenance officer I hated putting new tires on it though. Those Goodyear Eagle GT+4's were pretty expensive. Nice solid car though. The fastest I ever drove it was ~ 120 MPH on the interstate with lights & siren on and no traffic.


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Old 10-16-2008, 11:24 AM   #60
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Well it was the police package model, I'm pretty sure I looked up the codes and it had 9C1 listed. I think that one also had LSD but the '92 didn't. The '88 was definately not fuel injected, it was Quadrajet. According to this '89 was FI: http://www.9c1.com/brochures/1989/89_9c1.pdf I don't know, I doubt I have a picture or write up of the options from that car any more, sold it just a year ago or so.

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