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That's excellent mileage! I would love to get 30mpg on my Typhoon. What have you done to your 3.8 to get that type of mileage?

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I would highly recommend you read up on what under or over inflating does to your tires, your car, and the handling!

First you're reducing grip, your tire will have considerably less surface on the road!
Second your tire will wear unevenly, if you over inflate even 10% past the max psi printed on the side of the tire, the center of your treads will wear faster than the inside and outside, you will see.

Then your tire is bigger in diameter which affects your speedometer adversely, it could say you're doing 40mph when in reality you're doing 45!

All of these affect safety!
You may not be able to stop in time in a bad situation!

Perhaps you have cheap tires but if they're rated 44psi I doubt it, they are made of petrol too and my nicer tires cost $100 each so there's no way I'm sacrificing neither tire nor safety for mpg.

If you want less road grip why not try a slightly less wide tire in the first place, say you're running 205's you could try 195's, that would be a far safer option IMO. Don't forget to go up on your sidewall one number, so if they're 55's you want to go 65, this will help offset the speedometer misscalibration.

And yes, you can go one size up or down without the need for new rims, if you compensate via the sidewall height method then your speedo should only be off 2-3 mph at most legal speeds.

A FE gauge should be standard equipment in every vehicle.
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