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Add an "ignore fuel up" feature

I would like a feature where I can have Fuelly "ignore" a fuel up, that is, document the mileage and gas usage, but not include them in any calculations or statistics. This would be useful in instances where, say, I did some maintenance on my car (say you revved the engine to clean something out, or idled it for 10-15 minutes, or reset the ECU) and did not feel that the tank represented normal conditions, or where I forgot to write down the mileage but remembered approximately what it was and wanted it written down for archival purposes. This would be similar to partial fuel ups, but it would be able to be activated on a fuel-up by fuel-up basis, whereas I believe with the current system, the "partial fuel up" ties the next fill-up to it.

The downside to having a feature like this is that it might skew statistics because people would use it to flag their "poor mileage" fuel ups where they drove like a bat out of hell.

By the way, this is an absolutely awesome website, and I love it so much. I'm a huge fan of how simple and easy it is to use (I use the "mobile" version on my phone), and I think everyone should use it. Period.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I think you can use notes for this. So if you have a fuel-up you don't want to be part of the record—but you still want to record the details—add the details as a note. Notes are not included in your fuel-up data. You might have to click "missed a fuel-up" once in a while, but otherwise it would work the same way as an official "don't track this fuel-up" feature. So the data is there, but not part of the statistics.

You're not alone, we recently had a similar discussion here. The conclusion we came up with there was to just skip entering the fuel-up if you don't want it to be part of your statistics.

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I think it's redudant how a member would not want to record their stats for certain fill ups. After all, this IS a fuel tracking site right ?

I have to idle my car at times like mos

t Canadians do in the winter and it gives me poor mileage, but afterall i dont "cheat" my way to have the best average out there. It kind of beats the purpose doesnt it ?

Just my 2 cents.

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That was mentioned in the other thread that was posted by PB. I agree, real world usage, not "what I like" usage.

Besides, not like it was going to impact it that much anyway.
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I think it's a good idea. I like being able to enter all my fill ups to keep track of them but the ability to choose ones (track days) to not include in the stats would be fantastic. I average 34mpg currently but come summer I will be doing autocross that will give me a few 5-10mpg fill ups. This will extremely skew my average mpg and not be an accurate showing of my daily mpg.
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Thanks for the suggestion, pb, I guess I'll do that...after all, it's for informational purposes only. I searched the forum but I couldn't find anything on this. I guess I didn't look hard enough.

Matrix, I realize that this is a fuel tracking website, but not everyone really cares all that much about the statistics. Personally, I just use this as a fancy logbook, and if I can find a way to put as much information in it as possible, that makes it better. Besides, like pb said, if people don't want a crappy tank to be part of their mileage, they're just going to skip entering it altogether.

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