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Add notes via mobile page

Can I add a note via the mobile fuel up page?

Could you add a way to simply add mileage without gallons so we can enter a note such as an oil change or tire rotation. I understand having the failsafe of requiring gallons, but could you maybe add a checkbox after the partial/missed fuelups to show it's a note, and therefore allow 0 gallons and designate it as a note on our log?

Also for the reminders, could you add an option to get a reminder at a set odometer reading in addition to the every n miles? I think it would allow an easier option for maintenence that occurs at specific mileage (i.e. 30/60/90k service, tire rotation)

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We'll give this some thought. It would require adding a new form at Fuelly Mobile to add a Note because adding a note is a completely separate process from adding a fuel-up. So we'd need to change the interface quite a bit to make that happen.

What you might do in the meantime is bookmark the "Add a Note" form on the full desktop site so it's only a click away on your phone. Then if you need to add a note via your Phone you can get to it quickly.

We'll also think about the reminders suggestion. For now though, you can do the math from your current odometer reading. Choose the "Every N Miles" Reminder type. Put in a high value for "How many miles?" (eg. 100000) and put the one-time value in "When do you want your first reminder?". Make that the miles until 30, 60, or 90k. Then remove the reminder once you get it.
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