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Customizable basic stats

Is there any way we could add a couple of customizable cells to the page where I see my vehicles "Basic Stats"? A couple of things that I'd like to be able to see would be year to date mileage (1-1-10 to 6-29-10) or previous year (like 6-29-09 to 6-29-10), and last 3 or last 5 fill average mpg.

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Count me interested in year-to-date mileage too.

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Yeah, we definitely have a problem with the stats page. We've always felt cramped for space there, and that we can't expand things much.

We're working with a designer now to rework that page (and other elements of the site) to make things like this possible in the future. We also have a reporting feature sketched out on paper that would help isolate some stats based on time.

So nothing planned in the short term, but we're thinking about these things and have some cool stuff in the works.
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I was just about to post a request for year-to-date miles driven (seems like that info would be useful).

By the way, just so we're clear, THANK YOU for the fuelly website. This was a great idea in the first place, and those who put this together have been instrumental in conserving a heckuvalot of gasoline. I for one, am grateful not only for the information, but also the civic-mindedness you have shown. I'm sure I'm not the only one, and I thought it should be said. So thanks for that.
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I use my MS Money to compare my spending this year vs sametime last year. Is that a data feature you can add to compare yearly data with last years over the same time frame. Also yearly trending to see how seasonality affects mpg. Winter fuel blends, denser winter air and snow and slush etc.

Thanks for the site. After one tank already worked on a few things to improve mpg. Picked up 2 mpg just combining trips. Set GPS to fuel efficient routing as well even though we know where we are going in town and learned of newer, fuel efficient ways to get where we are going!
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