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More fun on FUELLY

Best tank ever. Have you ever had anyone suggest A 5 STAR rating or 1-10 scale of vehicles that go over the epa standard rating?

Its nice to get that best tank ever star. It would also be a challange for people to try to stay above it and others with the same type of vehicles.

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Interesting idea, and I like the idea of finding new ways to stay in competition with yourself to do better. We do have some issues with the EPA data that make me concerned about using that. For example, the EPA recently revised all of their MPG estimates with a new system, but they haven't released those new numbers in a developer-friendly format that sites like Fuelly can take and use. They only have the new numbers on their website.

So if we shift even more weight to the EPA numbers here, folks will be even more upset that we don't have the new numbers. Whatever part of the site we turn into a game, we have to make sure that playing environment is accurate or people will balk at the game.

We definitely don't want to start highlighting the best mileage with a 5 star rating or anything else on the site, and we've talked about that quite a bit. We even have a FAQ entry about it because it's such a common request: Why don't you list everything in order of best fuel economy? Basically, once data entry becomes a game you can win, there will be cheaters. So we need to be very careful with incentives. Unfortunately, that means a little less fun in favor of a little more accuracy. It's a balancing act.

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PB i agree. I think if you do a so call game it would have to be with your own car not someone else. I could easily cheat that but personally I keep mine as accurate as I can. Cheating yourself is no fun! LOL!
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Well said, PB and Mathowie do a great job here and I appreciate the site and all the work that they put into it. I too take my data very seriously and realize that if I fudged the numbers I'd really only be cheating myself. I take pride in getting the best mileage that I can considering my driving conditions and really enjoy the way this site has made tracking my driving and mileage so easy and fun.

Keep up the good work guys, more tools are great if you can do them and they don't take too much work on your side, but I love the site as it is right now.
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