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Request for a new unit of measurement for sig banner

Is it possible to get the option of displaying the units in (US) gallons / 100 miles along side the other measurements? It would be simple enough as data is right there: gallons per 100 miles = 100 / MPG

I like using gallons/100 miles better than MPG as it give me a clearer picture in my fuel consumption as the MPG scale isn't linear.

Going from 20 MPG to 25 MPG is only 5 MPG, but it is a gallon less consumed over 100 miles, 5.0 vs 4.0. Over 15,000 miles a year, it is a savings of 150 gallons a year.

Moving from 45 MPG to 50 MPG is still a 5 MPG difference but it is only a 0.22 gallon difference (only a savings of 33.333 gallons per 15,000 miles) per 100 miles, 2.22 vs 2.0. To drop a gallon of consumption like in the example above and go from from 2.22 gallons / 100 miles to 1.22 gallons / 100 miles, you need to reach 81.81818181 MPG.

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We don't have any plans to do this right now, but we'll keep it in mind the next time we revisit signature banners.

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how about gallons / 1000 miles instead?

If we are going to a new badge, let's not have to use decimal places.
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I highly support for the addition of US gallons / 100 miles for fuelly badges. This site (and many others) has been lacking the US equivalent of L/100 km for a long time.

Also, L/100 km badges already have 1 decimal place.
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