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Suggestion & request to be able to sort the data displayed

Suggestion: From Browse vehicles, after drilling down to see a certain model and year vehicle the webpage shows all the vehicles for that year, like 2010 VW Jetta, for example. It would be nice to have the ability on that page to sort the cars by:
* Best mileage
* Number of fuel-ups
* Date vehicle added

The reason is some cars with a few fuel-ups have irregular mileage and skew the results. I'd like to be able to put those at the bottom of the list on the page.

Alternatively, would it be possible to have an option to hide cars with fewer than 10 fuel-ups? And another option to hide cars that haven't been fueled-up in over a year?


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Thanks for the suggestions. We've thought about these quite a bit, and we're ok with the sorting options we have now.

We don't want to have any sort of sorting by best mileage because that would turn Fuelly into a leaderboard game that you could "win". It would give people an incentive to cheat. Here's more info.

We agree that cars with few fuel-ups have irregular averages. Right now our cutoff is three fuel-ups. We've found that three is a good balance between getting a stable average and getting people in the directory as quickly as possible. There will be cases where three fuel-ups isn't enough, but those tend to be rare.

We also haven't found a good reason to sort based on time. If a vehicle got 30 MPG two years ago it's just as valid as a vehicle getting 30 MPG today. If you're just looking for stats on a particular model, those are good numbers to have. If you're looking for "engaged" Fuelly users, that's a different problem. We currently sort the lists by most recent fuel-up—giving preference to those vehicles with pictures. So you can pretty quickly find people who are currently fuelling at the top of the list.

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Would you consider the ability to filter by country?
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