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Suggestion: BlackBerry/other smartphone App

Just wanted to throw the idea out there for a smartphone application (iPhone, BlackBerry, WinMo, Android, etc.) that would allow us to log fuel-ups and view our profiles without having to launch the device browser.

I have a BlackBerry Storm, and while the mobile Fuelly site works (simple design, straight to the point), the BlackBerry browser on the Storm just isn't ideal. The browser can load data, but takes much longer to actually render the pages so that I can see it. Once the fuel-up info is entered, hitting "Submit" and logging the data is not a problem. Page rendering and display is.

I believe the BlackBerry platform would benefit from a Fuelly app. Because the app is stored on the device, it could save the BlackBerry browser the work of rendering a web page and do what's truly important: sending the data to Fuelly quickly and with no hassles.

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Not to sound too critical, but why is it so important to put in fuel info right at the pump anyway? To me, what's truly important here is the effort to save gas, not the effort to go through the trouble of posting it with a phone. LOL Too many people want too many things yesterday! Its sad really.

When I gas up, I simply write the mileage on my gas receipt and when I get home and have a moment during the evening I enter it then. Sure, I could use my phone to enter it at the pump, but then I'm wasting time messing with that instead of driving. At least I hope everyone has the common sense to not be posting this stuff WHILE driving.

I say, if you really want an App, create one. I think there are probably some members among us that can do just that. The Fuelly staff have enough on their plate. So if anyone on here is good at making phone apps, go ahead and make one to enter data for Fuelly!

And please don't take offense, as none was meant, I'm simply speaking my mind and offering my opinion.

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Thanks for the suggestion, FCastrillo86. We don't have a BlackBerry app in our immediate plans, and neither of us are BlackBerry users or developers so this probably won't happen with us. You might look for an existing mileage app on the BlackBerry, and see if you can export in a format that Fuelly accepts. That way you could track at the pump and then pull it into Fuelly for long-term storage/sharing.

DTMAce, I think people just want to add data in numerous ways. That's why we have the mobile site, bulk import, and the web forms. The key is just finding a method that fits in with your routine and that's going to be different for everyone.
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Fuelly for Android?
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Sorry, no Android app in the works. The mobile site works on an Android, though.
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