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6 Holiday DVD's

Well with the latest holiday gatherings, I went and loaded up on DVD's to watch while the snow had us trapped in the house, here goes.

Julie and Julia: If you like to cook you'll love it. Simply a girl decides to cook 503 recipies in 365 days from the Julia Childs cook book and post it on line. This is taken from a true story and its a hoot, it also tells the life biography of Julia Childs. A charmer for men and women.

Land of the lost: I thought this was going to be a semi stinker comedy, but this movie delivers, its funny, has a great story line, has plenty of giant dinosaurs chasing people around, and Will Farrell is great. Kids and adults will love it.

Night at the Museum 2: Excellent, its funny, has all sorts of history comes to life stuff, this is a sequel that is the equal of the original Night at the Museum. Fun and safe for the entire family.

The Proposal: Chick flick for guys? Yes, some body out there took pity on us guys and wrote a funny movie that girls will want to see and guys can put up with. Its a cute movie about a tyrannical boss who has to marry a nice guy to protect her visa and not get deported. Yes another family charmer.

The Taking of Pelham 1.2.3.: This is the 2nd remake of of the classic 1974 movie about passengers being held for ransom on a New York subway. Its taken from a true story that happened in the 60's. The 1974 movie with Walter Mathau and Robert Shaw was a jem classic, shot in that early 70's style that brought us classics like Dirty Harry. The remake in 98 had Vincent D'Nofrio as the bad guy and it was a little more of a cleaned up version of the classic.

The new one featuring John Travolta and a realy tight cast is the same story with modern everything. Its like watching a music video, its filled with a million cuts, zooms, reaction shots, its like taking a drama and editing it like an action movie. Tony Scott is the director, brother of Ridley Scott who brought us Alien and Blade Runner, the Scott family is known for high quality movies. Its exhausting to watch, there are so many cuts you feel sea sick, this would have been a great movie if it were slowed down a little, a little less cuts, that would bring us closer to the actors instead of feeling like your on a ride. There is loads of killing and blood, the whole nine yards.

In the remake department did we need a remake of Gone with the Wind in the 90's. Did we need a remake of 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea, did we need a remake of the Shinning, no!

Year One: I hate to end on a sour note, but this was the last movie in the pile of holday movies that we watched and it stunk. Its a loosly assembled collection of stories about 2 cave men going though history. We go from cave man time, to bible stories, to the Roman Empire, its all over the place.

This is the style of movie that's made when someone sells an idea, they get the money and the camera and then they realize they have to make a movie, or refund the 30 million dollars they talked the producer out of.

Well Jack Black spends his whole time trying to convince his friend that they don't need to live in the tribe anymore, when it's Jack that got him and his friend thrown out in the first place. Its a loser story about a self centered ego and how it can drag everyone down with it. Of course since it's a movie, the losers become hero's in the end, doesn't work in real life.

The movie has no jokes and when the movie reduces itself to eating fake poo, its all over from there on out. When this movie makes it to TV it will be edited down to an infomercial. Jack Black has made plenty of other good movies, don't waste your time with this one.

Ill see you in front of the Wide Sceen.

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How does The Proposal differ from other chick flicks in its attempt to be tolerable for guys?

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Eh it has boating, picturesque photography of Alaska, Sonda Bullock dressed sexy, a story that has no boring parts, they keep the story going and dont slow down to talking heads like in some chick flics, stuff like that. My girl loves chick flicks and she can tell how much I like them by how long it takes me to stretch out and fall asleep on the sofa.
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