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2016 Toyota Prius 6 months/10,000 miles

I love this car, but it is expensive.
However, I fully believe it is worth every penny, I plan to keep this car for 10 - 15 years.
To drive, the CVT is smooth and enjoyable, and I was heavily sceptical of any non-manual transmission. There is more than enough power, and it handles very well.
The economy is superior to a supermini diesel, and far superior to a similarly sized diesel. The way the hybrid system works, and the sheer quantity of data to do with live and average economy, the hybrid system power flow info, makes gaining the high mpg available a fun game with every journey.
The PWR mode delivers the power a lot more dramatically, while ECO aids the quest for better economy.
I love the cabin, with the white inserts (though it is not universally popular), it is comfortable and I particularly like the heads-up-display.
There is plenty of room in the back, and the boot.
As for gadgets, sat nav, Bluetooth audio, reversing camera, heated seats, radar adaptive cruise control, auto dimming rear mirror - and auto dipping main beams all come in handy.
It has the auto parallel parking feature too, but I haven't tried it!
The sonar, though lots of beeps, does stop you bumping into anything.
I love the look of the car, and really enjoy owning and driving it - there is a warm and pleasant sense of satisfaction provided by having this Prius!
Complaints are few - the cost is high, but you know where the money was spent, it beeps continuously while in reverse, and for some reason flies seem to gather on it...possibly to do with the colour...!
You can judge from my mpg how well it's doing for economy, though I'd always want more, I'm content with the results.
Me and the missus must weigh in over 500 lbs (together!), and most journeys are on hilly rural roads. Though I am aiming for economy over speed, I have to get us to work on time.
It feels on a par with large luxury vehicles I've owned, but with better gadgets, better economy and better performance.
I can heartily recommend it - every day I say to myself "I love this car!".

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My concern with th white has to do with how it will hold up to age and use. it also looks really out of place with the tan interior we have available. Japan only gets the black and grey choices.

There is a bright lime green color available in Japan that reflects more infrared than typical car paints, to help keep the car interior cool. Your white might be reflecting some spectrum undetectable to us mere humans, but flies can see and find attractive.

The reverse beep can be turned off. With the gen2, it was possible for the owner to do so, but a Toyota scan tool might be needed for the new one. Thus a trip to the dealer.

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Good review Ben, glad to hear you're still happy with the car. Your biggest woe is mine too, the purchase cost, it will never pay for itself in fuel savings, especially if you have to replace the battery in 15 years, which is something to consider, although it may last a lot longer than that, and by the time that's due, battery costs in 10-15 years will be considerably lower if investment and development continues at the current rate.

The white parts as trollbait says, look fresh and bright, but once scratched, will attract dirt. I have gloss black parts on my Clio, looks great polished up, but there are a few surface scratches showing now. You could always pop them off and have them wrapped in another colour/texture. And I can relate to the insect attraction, my first car was Yellow, same problem, insects see certain colours in UV (ultra violet) so to them, your colour is probably a giant purple hazy flower lol.

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The rest of my interior, seats and dash are black. I did ask the dealer on the weekend if they could switch the incessant beep to a single one, but it came back the same. Yeah, yellow clothes seem to attract the bugs - as we live in oil seed rape country, only to be expected. I enjoy cars so much, and spend so much time in one, i have never begrudged the expense - despite it deleting our holidays. ..!
Luckily the missus preferred this to the Yaris hybrid. Sitting in a Yaris on the weekend, it had a complete glass roof, would have loved that.
Within weeks of getting my i20 i was fuming, and regretting it. The whole time it was a disappointment - having the Prius has added to my overall contentment.
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I've had my 2015 for 55 weeks today and have about 8,500 miles. The 2015 isn't quite as good on mileage as the 2016 but I can't complain. The solar roof option is THE BEST option in the history of automobiles. The 2015 can be set for one beep in reverse and mine is. I made that part of the sales contract. Your dealer didn't do it right or just didn't do it and counted on you not calling them on it probably. Good luck with getting them to do it right or just getting another dealer to do it for you.
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Congratulation on your Prius. Toyota has a way of making a person happy. The longer you own it. The happier you get. I hope that one day the car will make you think it's actually inexpensive.
That has been my Toyota experience.
I'm confident, in the future, that glass roof. They have solar cells that are see through glass now. How about Toyota putting them in the roof?
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Mine is a Toyota Prius. I am happy to see the brand referred anywhere on the internet.

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