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Another newbie

Howdy folk, as the title says I'm new here and new to MPG modifications in general. I have been researching various devices to add to my engine to help modify how much gas it burns but after reading the gains made with body mods and driving methods mentioned here I will be trying many of them first.

BTW names Rusty, I have a 98 Sunfire and a 2000 Caravan, I already use a good synthetic oil and good quality filters, and I also regularly grease the ball joints and wheel bearings with a good quality lithium grease as well. The engine has always passed the emissions test by such a high margin I often wonder if the test is even worth it.

I haven't tested the MPG I'm currently getting however for my Sunfire, it's EPA ratting 24 mpg / 34 mpg which inst too bad but I'm sure I can get better. and 20/26 for my van which is surprising that it's that good but it is a small engine relatively speaking.

I'm planning on driving down to Florida later on this year, I'm in Canada. I was hoping to make a few of the mods to my van to get the most that I can out of it. But I have to ask one question first. The last big road trip I took into the US I had to gas up. aside from the prices being ridiculously lower than Canadian gas, it would seem the gas I bought lasted almost twice as long. I never too and MPG readings then either and I should have. This leads me to ask, and I'll be search this forum to see if it's been answered yet. Which gas company has the best MPG formula and the cleanest burning formula? And how much of a difference has been seen between different gas companies? Comparing the different Canadian gas pumps I don't see a huge difference.

Seems this is getting a bit long So I'll jump around the forum a bit and decide on which mods to go with first. The Deciding factor being, cheapest vs best gains.


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Welcome to GasSavers! Many people say that Chevron, Shell, BP, etc. are the best. I think I've heard that Chevron is tops but there aren't any within a few hundred miles of me. I've always had pretty good luck with BP.

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Rusty -

Welcome to GS! I mostly use Chevron too, but I can't prove it's the best. Occasionaly I like to switch to Union 76 because I like the idea of exploiting the different formulas. Giving the engine a "different meal", so to speak.

But my friend hates Arco. He said it screwed up his car.

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What's your EPA MPG?
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Welcome Rusty, Some people will tell you all gas is the same, I used to think that before I owned a scan gauge, I can't tell you which is best, every station owner has a different view on which add pack goes in his gas, also almost every where they are adding Ethanol as a oxygenate. So any where from 5 to 15% can make a difference in mpg, ( they never tell you exactly how much).
The best thing to do is get a scan gauge, Yes it costs a lot but its worth the money, Then you can see for yourself the diff. between gas stations, also teaches you how to drive To get best FE.
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I've seen the scan gauge mentioned quite frequently on here, what is it and how do I use it? Is it part of the OBD2 system? Also in the long run I'll be getting/building a device that allows me to change the reading from the O2 sensor to manual control the fuel to air ratio in my engine. Any one use this before? Will this effect the reading of the scan gauge?
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