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Choose life...!

Thanks for all the conversation, but I'm quitting the club!
I decided I don't really care about MPG - what is the difference between 55 MPG and 70 MPG when the car costs £26,000?!
When I was driving £400 wrecks and delivering pizzas, saving money on mileage was crucial. Now each monthly payment is the cost of a £400 wreck...
Anyway, the Prius comes with a power mode - I ignored it while chasing economy, always in eco mode.
It's actually pretty nippy - 9.5 seconds for 60 is quick for me, and it adds a surge of battery assist to make it feel faster to 30 mph.
I've stopped keeping track of my figures, I'll just enjoy the drive.
Still love the car, and when I used to drive similarly sized diesels as briskly they would only hit 35 MPG - my last figures were between 56-60 MPG, even booting it.
Still aiming to see 60 on the computer rather than 50 when I pull up, but no longer at the expense of acceleration.
Thanks for your time, and all the best, Ben

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I didn't realize there was a choice. $841 for 25.5k miles, enjoying every minute, even after driving for 51 years.

Have fun, drop by every once in a while?

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I find this website useful for measuring other things as well not just fuel consumption. You can track how many miles you drive per year, in case you are thinking about leasing a car and they have limits on the mileage. You can track the price of fuel. I find that the best way to measure how much you spend on your vehicle is $/mile. Measuring fuel is one thing, but depreciation and maintenance always costs more. I add up everything that I spend on the car including insurance, and then divide by the total mileage. My 1998 Honda Accord was $0.35/km; the 2006 Benz is $0.9/km.

Hope to see you around. I like checking websites like this and EcoModder to see how people modify their cars and get better mileage. I also snoop around PriusChat.
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Some of my friends drive their Prius like the guy below. I have a friend who was pulled over twice for speeding.

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I have never tried to hypermile or worry about fuel economy, but use a spreadsheet to keep a record of fuel economy and if I notice a drastic drop it is usually a sign of problems.

I think watching a scangauge constantly to see your fuel economy for the last block, belongs in the distracted driving category, better to pay attention to the road. Not one at fault accident in over 53 years.
When the fuel gauge starts flashing in my car I know I have 10 litres left LOL but in the cooler weather I do top up to prevent condensation.
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Stick around Ben, you're one of us. Nobody gets the mileage they want unless they have the perfect road/weather/traffic conditions anyway, it's not a competition. I only keep track of mine as I'm a statoholic and like to see how much my car costs my every year, truth be told, I'd like better mileage too, who wouldn't?


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