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Combining magnets and vgs...go REAL FAST....

Magnetic vortex wormhole generator


This invention relates to a magnetic vortex generator which has the ability to generate negative mass and a negative spring constant which, according to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, is required in order to create a stable wormhole between our space and hyperspace. Two separate, but electrically connected, toroidal coils of differing radii, carry magnetic flux in opposite directions about their common centerline. According to Maxwell's equation, this produces bucking electric fields along said centerline. Because the two solenoids have different radii, the parallel spring constant of both coils is negative. The negative mass together with the negative spring constant produce a real resonant frequency which can distort the spacetime curvature due to the creation of powerful spikes of negative mass. This phenomenon, similar to the common electrical thunderstorm, opens up a wormhole into hyperspace through which low-density hyperspace energy can enter into our dimension. This energy finds many application in new types of power supplies, inertia-less and mass-less spacecraft, vehicles that can travel light-years by moving out of dimension through hyperspace, surgery-less medical tables, cranes for lifting heavy objects, cold-welded crystals for crystal rotors, folding space waveguides, and electromagnetic field propulsion vehicles using highly relativistic fields.

I'd REALLY like to see someone on this forum try this!

Leading the perpetually ignorant and uninformed into the light of scientific knowledge. Did I really say that?

a new policy....I intend to ignore the nescient...a waste of time and energy.
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theclencher -

I claim all otaku-dibs on the idea because I thought of this already :

Ordered Airtabs today! 10-24-2007, 11:24 PM
... I can get the magnetic sheet that is used for car signs and use that as a base for the airtab (aka Vortex Generator!!!!!). ...

Look, they're speaking our language :

... What I claim as my invention is

1. A magnetic vortex generator which can generate negative mass according to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, which is a tested and proven theory. As a result of this theory, it can be shown that negative mass is required to create a stable wormhole between space and hyper(miler)space. Without the negative mass, the throat (throttle plate!) would close.

2. The generator consists of two (IAC - Input Air Control) solenoids wound with a common wire in opposite directions on two separate toroidal curved-sheet transformer laminates of differing radii. The smaller solenoid is mounted along the centerline of the larger solenoid. ...
Hrmmmm, I wonder if it would expand the already growing wormhole between my ears?


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I suppose I could wipe the dust off the old one I made last year and do some testing for you guys. I'll send out the plans so we can all make one. That way we can have a meet anywhere in the US and not waste any gas.

We should make the Mythbusters aware of this as well.


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I bought one from ACME last Winter...

It used too much electricity...

Got expensive.

I had to switch it off at the exact instant the meter rolled back around and sold it on E-bay.
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Originally Posted by ZugyNA View Post
I'd REALLY like to see someone on this forum try this!

of course, I'd be afraid that I might end up stuck in the Delta Quadrant.
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