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Farm Truck/SUV, but which one?

So my Mom called me yesterday and reported that their '93 Chevy Farm truck died and they want rid of it -- buy what to replace it with?

I'm kinda stumped on this. The clincher is the 4-low requirement below.

So, they're looking for a fuel-efficient work-horse. The requirements:

* Must have 4-wheel drive, with low range
* They've had it with with GM, Dodge, and Nissan
* A hard-back (SUV/Cross-over) is preferred but maybe a pickup with a cap is a possibility.
* Should be within 4-years old
* Needs to handle the punishment of rough, off-road, farm activity and towing capacity (not sure on the lb. rating).

My recommendation (since Honda doesn't have such a vehicle), perhaps a Toyota 4Runner V-6 or Tacoma with a cap.

Can anyone recommend something else?



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I was gonna say toyota, won't they have a hybrid truck out next year? Mehbe I'm making that up though.

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I would say the Toyota as well, mostly becuase they will outlast everything else, I would do some searuse research befor buying a V6, as I get the strong feeling that the only reason that the japanise ever agreed to such a thing was that amarican's like the name.
everyone that I've talked to who has a toyota as a work truck loves them, they also tend to hold their value for that same reason.
I've heard good things about the GMC diesels as well, altho I don't have any first hand expearince with them.
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Post You're Back!

Originally Posted by SVOboy
I was gonna say toyota, won't they have a hybrid truck out next year? Mehbe I'm making that up though.
Hey man, you're back! How's school? Chevy is going to have a mild Hybrid, full-size pickup (Silverado), but the folks have had it with Chevy. Their newer Trailblazer is coming apart at the seams (at 60K miles: alternator, power window controls MELTED overnight -- apparently a TSB/fire-hazard). The '93 Served them well, but it had a 350 V-8 and a 4.10 rear axle -- single-digit / low-teens mileage. 200K miles and it's time to retire it. They prefer to buy used, so the new Hybrid would be out.

Ryland - the 4-cylinder Toyotas are definitely the king of reliability, but the folks need more power for their application. I'll have to check Consumer Reports for the V-6 vs. V-8 comparison in reliability. But yes, I agree, they make great work vehicles and hold their re-sale.

GMC Diesels are actually manufactured by Isuzu, which is OK, I guess -- but the rest of the vehicle is a GM. It's too bad they don't sell the 4-Runner Diesel here like EVERYWHERE ELSE in the world. The farm buys Diesel in bulk for the tractors and other equipment, so with the new ULSD, they could use it in a vehicle -- but so much for that.

I would probably mention a Nissan, but we had a Pathfinder that was a complete POS.

It's looking like Toyota at this point.

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Well if your talking about a working farm truck as seen around these parts a Yota wont do. There built right and the 4 x 4 systems are great! They can be modded into great rock crawlers and such.

If they want a truck on the farm to get in and out of the farm with light hauling. Run fence and stuff. The Yotas will work out good.

If you need a truck to tow implements, haul fuel, hay and tow hay, feed cattle and such. Best stick with a Domestic brute.
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My farm truck is a 79 F150 ext cab 4x4. Has 4 wheel low. Cost $500 with tags and title.
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I've been researching 4x4 trucks might want to check out the 1993-97 Ford Ranger.

According to Consumer Reports (yr 2000) reliability is better in these later years and the 3.0 V6 can get some decent mpgs...depending on how you drive it.

Lots of used parts also.
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My parents were just looking at pickups for plow duty. Turns out that nothing Toyota makes is built to handle that (yet) and it could void the warranty. Domestics are the only way to go. (They would be replacing a 91 GMC that will soon have more rust than metal.) But beyond that, what a Tacoma won't do a Tundra probably would. That can be had with a V8 and a reasonable load capacity. I guess it boils down to what they really need to use it for, because as load capacity goes up FE goes down.

For a small truck I would absolutely go Tacoma, and if I needed to do serious hauling I would look at either the Tundra or something domestic with a Cummins diesel. (Would that be Dodge?) They make a solid engine.

I saw a Ridgeline with a cap this morning. The cap was a comical wedge shape but I bet that would get the job done. By all accounts, the Ridgeline is another excellent light-duty pickup.
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What about a T100? It's not a Tundra so they go for a reasonable amount, available with 4wd, and the 5VZ-FE is a workhorse from what I've heard. They have a maximum 2150lb payload/5000lb towing (highend) which is as much as a lowend newish domestic fullsize, iirc. The only downside is they are like 93-98, or something. Alternatively, toyota does make 1 ton small pickups, they're just hard to find. Here are some reviews.
But... from what you're saying, it seems they need enough to tow a house, and in that case, just pick up a ford, chevy, or dodge fullsize diesel. And when the body rusts out, the engine will still be worth a few grand.
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I don't see how you could haul feed or hay in a SUV. I was raised in a farming community a farm truck to me stipulates that the truck is at least five years old and looks ten. That it is always covered in something brown and at least two of the tires say co-op mud something. That it is often over loaded and pulling something painted red, green, or yellow and has ag tires. There is always coffee in the cab and stray pieces of straw jammed under the seat. Usually a long furred dog rides out back on top of the fuel tank which smells of spilled diesel. The tailgate handle has a certain way to actuate it and only one side latches anyway.

I drive a $150 S10 4x4 on property. Its a great truck, but you want to keep your tetnis shot up to date and don't snag your clothes on the rust either.

I'd say get another GMC/Chevy. Sounds like they need the tow capacity of at least a v6. They've used small block power this long might as well stick with it. Plus mileage will be a lot better in the newer 5.3 v8.

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