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Mothballs / Napthalene / WD40

So, crushing up some mothballs into your tank, 5 per 1 gallon I think, might be for only carbed, but I've seen FI to, heard 2-3 mpg on a mazda protege. 99% napthalene type you need


"Major ingredients based on the November 2003 MSDS data:

CAS 8052-41-3 Stoddard Solvent 50%
CAS 64742-65-0 Petroleum base oil 25%
CAS 64742-47-8 Naptha 15%

Butyl Carbitol may still be part of the formulation, but only as a
minor percentage."

Common element between WD40 and mothballs is naptha and napthalyene?

"Naphtha is a group of various volatile flammable liquid hydrocarbon
mixtures used chiefly as solvents.

It is obtained from petroleum refineries as the portion of the
distillate which is intermediate between the lighter gasoline and the
heavier benzene. Naphtha has a specific gravity of about 0.7.

It is also the main ingredient in some lighter fluids for wick type
lighters like Zippo lighters. Other uses include removing tar,
grease, oil and labels.

See also: naphthalene."
WD40 also said to give 2-3 mpg.

And napthalene is something refined when gas is, so it's not like sugar, should be a good thing to test the heck out.

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Quote:You can also add 1

You can also add 1 ounce of WD40 per gallon of gas to the tank to help remove the water.
I love how I post in little pieces...

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Actually it seems like

Actually it seems like everyone who uses mothballs varies their amounts a whole lot, something to test for me after acetone I guess, though I wanna do tires and spark plugs and chipping sometime...
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Quote: "You purchase white

"You purchase white solid mothballs. Be careful, here it difficult to
find real Naphtaline. Supermarkets sell Paradichlorobenzene to repell
insects and that's not good for engines.

You place several balls in the air box, before or after the filter as
you can and let them sublimate. They will change directly from solid
to gaseous releasing very small amount of naphtalene gas (what you
can smell).

This gas acts as a catalysator, I mean that the reaction between
gasoline and oxygen is better and more complete when this third gas
is present.

You immediately can measure and neat decrease on CO, HC and NOx and a
better COČ showing a better reaction.

You also can feel better torque/power and in several cases will note
a better mileage by 15%. (Fifteen !)

This is also convenient for diesel engines. They also emit far less
black smoke."
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Quote:"Can mothballs

"Can mothballs increase octane?

The legend of mothballs as an octane enhancer arose well before
W.W.II when naphthalene was used as the active ingredient. Today, the
majority of mothballs use para-dichlorobenzene in place of
naphthalene, so choose carefully if you wish to experiment :-). There
have been some concerns about the toxicity of para-dichlorobenzene,
and naphthalene mothballs have again become popular. In the 1920s,
typical gasoline octane ratings were 40-60, and during the 1930s and
40s, the ratings increased by approximately 20 units as alkyl leads
and improved refining processes became widespread.

Naphthalene has a blending motor octane number of 90, so the addition
of a significant amount of mothballs could increase the octane, and
they were soluble in gasoline. The amount usually required to
appreciably increase the octane also had some adverse effects. The
most obvious was due to the high melting point (80C), when the fuel
evaporated the naphthalene would precipitate out, blocking jets and
filters. With modern gasolines, naphthalene is more likely to reduce
the octane rating, and the amount required for low octane fuels will
also create operational and emissions problems."


As water-gasoline fuels have been extensively investigated,
interested potential investors may wish to refer to those papers for
some background. Mr.Gunnerman advocates hydrocarbon/water emulsion
fuels and promoted his A-55 fuel before the new A-21.

**A recent article claims a 29% gain in fuel economy, and he claims
that mixing water with naphtha can provide as much power from an IC
engine as the same flow rate of gasoline. He claims the increased
efficiency is from catalysed dissociation of A-21 into H2 in the
engine, because the combustion chamber of the test engines contain a
"non-reactive" catalyst. For his fuel to provide power increases, he
has to utilise heat energy that is normally lost.**

**A-21 is just naphtha (effectively unleaded gasoline without
oxygenates) and water (about 55%), with small amouts of winterizing
and anti-corrosive additives.**

If the magic catalyst is not present, conventional IC engines will
not perform as efficiently, and may possibly be damaged if A-21 is

The only modification is a new set of spark plugs, and it is also
claimed that the fuel can replace both diesel and gasoline.

It has been claimed that test results of A-21 fuel emissions have
shown significant reductions in CO2 (50% claimed - who is surprised
when the fuel is 55% water? :-) ), CO, HCs, NOx and a 70% reduction
in diesel particulates and smoke. It's claimed that 70% of the
exhaust stream consists of water vapour. He has formed a joint
venture company with Caterpillar called Advanced Fuels. U.S. patent
#5,156,114 (Aqueous Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines and
Combustion Method) was granted to Mr.Gunnerman in 1992."
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1950's Racer Tech

My Dad told me how they used to put mothballs in the tank to win drag races circa 1955. Full circle, cool. Unfortunately, common-rail diesels and carb'd cars would benefit the most, instead of FI.

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Quite truthe, still worth a

Quite truthe, still worth a try, I say. And if it gives me more power and no mpg then I won't complain about that either.
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Moth balls and WD40

This guy uses moth balls and WD40
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FE nut
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The only thing else I would

The only thing else I would suggest when using mothballs is that they be crushed to a very fine powder and mixed in some gas before adding to the tank. I would be concerned about the whole mothballs turning into a large gooey mass as they were dissolving. This could perhaps also reduce the number of mothballs needed. I have a box of mothballs but I want to thoroughly test my Ethos before I start on anything else.
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I find it hilarious that

I find it hilarious that people are adding expensive chemicals to "improve fuel economy". That $2.49, 16 oz. can of WD 40 costs the same as a gallon of gasoline to gain perhaps 1% more miles to your tankfull. It would ge better to spend the same $2.49 on a gallon of gas, and get 10% more miles per tankfull!

The same thing applies to other additives like acetone or napthalene, all of which ultimately came from an oil well in Saudi Arabia.

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