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mpg difference Honda Element and Honda CRV


I am trying to decide between a Honda Element and a Honda CRV.

I like the Element better for its cargo space and practicality but the mpg is also important for me.

Does anyone have a Honda Element and a Honda CRV that could let me know if the CRV gets a lot better mpg than the Element or not.

I have read they have the same engine but I looked at a 2007 Honda Element EX AWD that was only getting 17 mpg driving about half at 45 mph and half around town stop and go.

This seems like very poor gas mileage. I have looked at many different groups of Honda owners and there seems to be quite a range of mpg.

The person driving this car was an older man who I do not think would rush up to stoplights and then accelerate quickly out of the stop lights.

Are there other things that could cause mpg that is 3 - 4 mpg worse than it could get.

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts about this.

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Your answer is right here, of the 18000000 miles tracked by element owners on fuelly, they are getting 21/22 US MPG. The CRV owners have tracked 65000000 miles but spread over old and new models, so depending on what year you're considering, they seem to average 22-26 US MPG. Neither are very impressive for fuel efficiency.


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Climate and tire pressure can have a big impact on fuel economy. Along with the driver's style and route.

The Element is no longer available in the US, but I don't know about the rest of the world. The CR-V is one of Honda's bread and butter models, and the averages here are going to include newer ones with all the latest tech for efficiency.

2011 was the last year for the Element. The squared off back end is bad for aerodynamics, and it appears to weight about 200 pounds more than the CR-V. These explain how the CR-V gets better EPA ratings. The Element was available with a manual, which does mean better control for fuel economy though.
What is your daily drive like? If lower speed roads, or mostly traffic, the difference in city ratings is close enough that I wouldn't worry about the fuel economy between the models. If highways, the CR-V gets a bigger advantage. If snow is only a one or two times a year occurance, stick to the FWD for the fuel savings.

Did you track fuel economy for your current car? We can calculate some estimates for the Honda's from its data.
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