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Toot your horn!

Anybody want to share their best FE segments?

Today was a great day!

Morning drive to work: 50.2 MPG... 7.1 miles on city streets, several lights, usually get stuck at every one. Made three of them this morning. "This ought to be a good segment!" And it was! EOC the last 1/2 mile to my parking space really helped!

Afternoon drive home: 49.7 MPG... same distance, made a light or two on green. I back my car into the carport so I can start up and drive off. I wasn't watching the SG2 before the back-up, so I'm not certain what it peaked at before I put the car in reverse.

Tank average 42.3 MPG over 107 miles since fill-up last Friday.

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At the moment, my best trip is 46.0 MPG in my recently purchased '99 Chevy Metro. Not bad considering it's a 4 door and an automatic.

Another gas saving tip: don't leave for work at the last minute. The pressure to rush so you get there on time totally goes against FE. On the other hand, I like to wait as long as possible as I'm on the roads near the end of rush hour....

There are quite a few very badly timed stoplights I wish some truck would smash into. You know, the sort of light that's for a minor cross street and which is green most of the time except when the wave of traffic from the next light is approaching, so it turns red and stops the onrushing horde just as they reach the light, all for one lousy stinking car on the cross street. Aside from the annoyance, it's terrible for everyone's gas mileage.

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There are some mornings that side streets and lights absolutely infuriate me when I'm riding my bike. Around here when I leave for work at 7:15, there is relatively light traffic, but there are no less than 7 lights on my 2.5 mile commute to really screw up a good pace. I really love the right turn dawdlers who stop just long enough to trip the signal, then proceed before the light even changes. Worst of all is the random pedestrian who for some reason - during a virtually complete lull - feels they need to have that walk signal illuminated to cross my path. I start looking for things to throw! I swear to Google my equivalent fuel economy drops to the low 500s.


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I had a segment of an urban drive ( about 20 km) yesterday that averaged out at 3.0 L/100 km (78 US MPG) on the ScanGauge. I find that it usually is pessimistic (as it is set up for my car) by 0.1 to 0.15 L/100 km, so it was probably around 2.85 L/100 in reality (82 US MPG).

Speed was about 65 km/h (40 MPH) and I hit a couple of stoplights. Both heated seats were on full blast, as it was cool outside, and the convertible top was up.
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Originally Posted by theclencher View Post
Yes, it seems stoplights are especially courteous to the oddball coming off the sidestreet.
alot of em are traffic controle dlights. eaning if it sernses no cars it will keep the main drag green. when a car approces if it hasnt changed in a pre set time it will immediartely trip. but if it just changed you could be sitting a while.

but i thought this was a thread wanting for people to post up thier horns im gonna anyways once i get a clip and drive out to the boonies to do this cuz its loud and neighbors get pissed easily
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