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I live in the DC area so I could show up easily. Then what happens? We all see each other, a few passers by see us, if we are lucky the local news picks up the story and reports that a bunch of tree huggers are down in DC trying to take away everyones SUVs. I thought it would be good to get a local news crew to go on a 200 mile cruise in my 12 year old $375 Geo Metro and show people that it doesn't take a technological breakthru or $30K to get 60+ MPG. I think that story would get better play.

You pick the teaser:

"Tonight on the 5 O'Clock news we'll tell you about a group that came to DC today to encourage everyone to use more fuel efficient cars."

"Tonight on the 5 O'Clock news we have a story for all the folks wishing they could afford one of those fuel efficient Hybrid cars. We'll show you a local resident that is getting over 60 MPG in a car that only cost $375."

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Geometry: I see you are indeed back in the game - nice last tank!

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How about a move for a 55 MPH speed limit. It not only saves gas, it saves lives. I don't have the studies at my fingertips, but I remember reading about the number of lives saved by the 55 MPH limit during the '70's "gas crisis."

This summer I drove across the country, and was able to use my ScanGauge to test 55 vs 65 MPH on long stretches (in five mile stages). Driving at 65 consumed 21% more gas than driving at 55. Your mileage may vary, but it sure would save gas.


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