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Fuel Saving Tips

Accel hard at peak torque, like a diesel

It might go against what most people “learned”, but it’s a fact. Engines accelerate most efficiently at a certain RPM. That efficiency is what creates the torque peak in the power curve. Old manuals, especially Kawis, show hp/g of fuel graphs, and guess where it peaks? With torque. The best fluid pumping efficiency is also at wide open throttle. Obviously that's better with a manual to avoid “kickdown”. Lastly, the sooner you’re up to speed, the sooner you’re at a low, efficient cruising RPM. It's similar to a "race to idle" in CPUs. That time spent at midrange RPM accelerating is wasted fuel. Source: PhD Engineers & experience

posted by Hexadecimus on June 2, 2017

this tip works for 54% of voting Fuelly members.

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