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Fuel Saving Tips

Minimise your input!

Plan a long way ahead. Easing the throttle gently and early – or braking early if necessary – requires less gas to get back to optimum cruising speed. Steering should also be minimal. Centrifugal force saps forward momentum. Of course, bends must be negotiated; however, by looking far ahead, steering inputs can be made in one smooth 'ease in, ease out' motion. Aim to reduce the radius of turns whilst maintaining the longest view*. *Straightening bends should only be considered if the whole road can be seen to be clear right through the exit (and you know you are not about to be overtaken); and road signs and markings do not prohibit it!

posted by OldeYaris on November 29, 2017

this tip works for 93% of voting Fuelly members.

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