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..MPH is crucial on highways..

..after 9mo of experimentation while involved with Fuelly, the greatest increase in MPG i've found is by cruising my 2k2 Subaru Outback mini-wagon at 55mph on freeways.. ..when i started, i typically drove 65-70mph..gradually i toned that down, step by step over the months, until now i'm rolling at 55mph whenever possible on the highways..granted, my commute is pre-rush hour (both ways), so i don't have traffic bearing down on me as much as most might (although i still get it).. ..but i've gone from 25mpg when i started on Fuelly, to a new record of 28.2mpg with this last fill-up (a 12.8% increase from the 25mpg level)..the only other significant change i've done has been switching to Premium fuel (my car is recommended Premium but can take Regular)..i keep her well maintained at scheduled intervals, avoid jack-rabbiting, etc. ..i think the adage that 'every 5mph you slow down results in a 5% increase in fuel efficiency' (or whatever it is) is true..if you can drop from 70mph to 60mph (or 65 to 55), you should see about a 10% increase in MPG.. ..notes: most of my driving is highway commute & i have to be at work by 6:30a..i certainly don't recommend becoming a highway 'obstacle' just to drive slower (like, i doubt i'll drop the speed down to 50mph due to hazard concerns), but when & where you can, it seems to make sense to reduce your commute MPH.. out!>> --c. owner of T'Pol.

posted by cee on July 31, 2009

this tip works for 81% of voting Fuelly members.

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