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Fuel Saving Tips

Throttle usage

Gas mileage is exactly that, how much fuel you use relative to the miles you travel. its not directly related to how much you open the throttle (accelerator pedal), it is most related to how much power you make. The way to get good gas mileage, is to accelerate smoothly. Get up to speed within 20 seconds. and maintain constant throttle. If you tailgate you will naturally accelerate and decelerate dependent on the cars speed in front of you. stay back from other cars. most cars get their best gas mileage around 50 mph. Bearing in mind that engines are most efficient near the first peak of their torque curve, You will be in the overdrive or highest gear, and at the beginning of your engines torque curve around this speed. This is typically when automatic cars shift into overdrive (45mph) and when you should shift into your highest gear in a stick shift. more rpms = more friction. higher speeds = higher wind resistance and more friction. slower speeds is not an optimal gear for good gas mileage. the most important of all is to keep a consistent throttle when cruising. dont waste gas accelerating up hills. and dont waste kinetic energy by releasing your foot all the way off the throttle going down hills, unless you will end up going a dangerous / illegal speed. leave the throttle cracked open a hair. when accelerating, get up to speed in a relatively normal pace, the longer you stay in your low gears the more fuel you waste to friction. however, the quicker you accelerate the more fuel you use. find the sweet spot for your car.

posted by viperbite on May 5, 2010

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