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Fuel Saving Tips

..sweat it out! (a little bit)..

..we're sweat-averse in the USofA, but that's nature's cooling system for long as you don't have a (pun intended) hot date to impress, why worry about a slightly damp shirt..especially if you're just driving home from work or whatnot.. ..i'm not advocating risking heat stroke or anything, but seriously, at temps up to the low 90s (F) it's not uncomfortable at all to drive with the windows down (off the highway, of course)..i live in TEXus, so i know what hot can be, and it ain't bad even at 90 or 92.. ..after rolling up my windows to get on the highway, i even wait to activate the AC until i've gotten up to highway speeds, to reduce engine strain as much as possible..since that only takes 10 or 15sec at slow/steady acceleration, it's nothing much..then, once i'm at cruising speed i'll hit the AC..<30sec later all is cool in the world (or in the cabin at least).. ..these are 'every little bit helps' types of strategies, but give it a shot or two..might take some getting used to, but it's really no (or very little) sweat off yer back (pun intended, again)..

posted by cee on May 29, 2010

this tip works for 44% of voting Fuelly members.

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