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Fuel Saving Tips

Use manual shift mode on long trips

If you have a manual shift option on your automatic transmission, use it to keep your car in top gear when in the hills. I was able to keep the engine from downshifting on hills in cruise by manually selecting the top gear. In my case its 6th gear. Once I got in 6th gear on the highway the crusie never kicked down to 5th on the hills. I put it back in drive for a while and noticed that every steep hill would cause the transmission to downshift to 5th and jump the RPMs up. Seeing someone elses tip on cruise control often causing the engine to downshift on hills gave me the idea. Remember this works on all manuals and automatics with the +/- manual shift options on your gear selector. Some car makers call it tiptronic, steptronic, DSG, sport shift etc...basically if you can manually shift your automatic transmission into your top gear you can try this. It was worth 1 mpg on the rental car after 200 miles on the cars fuel gauge. Hope this helps.

posted by mexglx on August 4, 2010

this tip works for 19% of voting Fuelly members.

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