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just drive

just operate your car safely. tips on driving is nice but for the most part, just pay attention to the road. tips on driving. hot summer days, highway and ac is fine. highway and windows open. better off with ac on. tire pressure. no less than vehicle manufactured pressure and up to what the tire manufacturing says. over that can cause drivability problems like steering and braking. proper maintence. cheap quick lubes no good. full servicing wich would cost more good idea. tail gate up. steady cruising always beats stop and go. hyper miling really doesnt help. especially going on to a highway. you make it dangerous for yourself, the vehicle already driving and who ever is behind you. that penny saved doesnt equal a life on the road. your mpg is always gonna vary. its impossible to create the same driving habits all the time. there is just too much going on to do so. the weather such as hot to cold, dry air to humid, wind and no wind. and much more. plus by trying to drive slow not allowing parts like your catalytic converter got hot to clean exhaust can eventually clog and cause poor mileage and earlier breakdowns that cost alot so all that was saved will be lost anyways. so all in all, just drive and record what you are getting and use it as a guideline to watch what you spend and how much you consume. just drive and be safe. you arent the only one on the road.

posted by njsurferlarry on August 15, 2010

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