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Fuel Saving Tips

Two Quick Tips

1.) [This wont apply to vehicles with out power steering]. If your just inching up your drive way or some of that sort on a small incline, you can just wiggle your steering wheel enough for the power steering pump to kick in instead of having to tap the accelerator pedal. 2.) This works for my truck, but i do not know if other vehicles do it. I noticed in my cars if i just coast to a stop (i have an automatic) i will see the MPG reading jump to 99...i have read online is that because the fuel injectors get shut off when your foot isnt on the gas pedal, i know it sounds odd. but it sure does seem to work. I filled up almost a week ago and my gas tank is still 3/4 full. Usually id be at 1/2 or a little under that.

posted by jrtorress on October 7, 2010

this tip works for 7% of voting Fuelly members.

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