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Fuel Saving Tips

AC + FAN, circulate inside air to save fuel

In hot climates, and when entering a hot car, open the windows, start the car, turn on the AC in coolest mode, medium fan speed. After a mile or two, turn off the AC back to FAN. The fan will for a few seconds to a minute and some, still blow cold air, due to the cooling circuit in the car still being cold. As it slowly warms up and you start to feel warm, turn on the AC again. Do this FAN routine for short trips,and try to set the AC to fan when you're about a minute away from your destination. In many cases (when it's hot outside) it is better to circulate the air inside a car. Circulating hot air from outside in the car would make the AC less effective, and could potentially suck in a lot of car exhaust (especially when waiting in front of stoplights, or in traffic jams). When the weather is colder, you might benefit from using the outside air through the blowers, or just turning down a window.

posted by ProDigit on November 3, 2010

this tip works for 61% of voting Fuelly members.

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