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Fuel Saving Tips

Keep between 40 and 60 to save gas.

Use a bit of gas to get to 40 mph fairly fast to get your vehicle into its highest gear. Then keep your foot OFF the gas as much as possible, though try to stay over 40. The higher the gear the slower the engine, using less gas per mile. Speeds much higher than 60 though start requiring more gas, as wind resistance multiplies with increasing speed. Also, coasting at any speed saves a lot of gas. Let it accelerate going downhill and decelerate going uphill when possible to keep the foot off the gas. Turning off the engine at long red lights (warm engine) saves too, as long as you watch for the yellow light for the other direction so you can restart just before your green. Inflating tires 2 - 4 psi (cold) ABOVE what it says on the door sill sticker saves gas and handles better. Under inflation sucks gas. And "Low-Rolling-Resistance" tires really do save 5% or so, though their design may compromise other things like handling.

posted by 3snakes on April 7, 2011

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