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Get an OBDII compatible computer

Cars built after ~1996 have a port (OBD II) for accessing the sensor data from your car. The Scanguage II is recommended.( "Trip computer: Maximum Speed, Average Speed, Maximum Coolant Temperature, Maximum RPM, Driving Time, Driving Distance, Fuel Used, Trip Fuel Economy, Distance to Empty, Time to Empty, Fuel to Empty A digital gauge: Fuel Economy, Fuel Rate, Battery Voltage, Coolant Temperature, Intake Air Temperature, Engine Speed (RPM), Vehicle speed (MPH), Manifold Pressure (not available on some vehicles), Engine Load, Throttle Position, Ignition Timing, Open/Closed Loop And scan tool: Reads Trouble Codes, Reads conditions that set the Trouble Code, Clears Trouble Codes, Turns off the "Check Engine" light, Tells you when vehicle is "Ready" to pass OBDII testing."

posted by Taera on August 14, 2008

this tip works for 90% of voting Fuelly members.

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